Billie Eilish Hilariously Reacts to Britney Spears Playing Her Music

Billie Eilish at the Oscars
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Eilish and her dad, Patrick, reflected on key musical influences from her childhood, including Spears, Avril Lavigne & the Spice Girls.

Billie Eilish loves her pop queens! In fact, the 18-year-old musician has revealed that she “almost pooped my pants” when she saw that Britney Spears had posted videos using her songs on social media.

On the latest episode of Apple Music’s Me & Dad Radio show, Eilish and her dad, Patrick, reflected on key musical influences from the singer’s childhood, including Spears, Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift and the Spice Girls (one of whom would rave about Eilish to ET years later.)

“Dude, this era of Britney was just mind-blowing,” Eilish said, after Spears’ “Baby One More Time” started playing from her phone. “Shout-out to Britney too, because lately, she's been ... Or since I was on Instagram, which was weeks ago now, she posted a couple of videos to my songs and I almost pooped my pants.”

“So, I love you, Britney,” Eilish continued. “But this one, this is a classic. Everybody knows ‘Baby One More Time.’ I used to dance in the living room to this on my tiny, little, horrible speaker. Let's go. Let's go, Britney."

Spears posted a video dancing to Eilish’s “Bad Guy” in June, then rocked out to another of her songs, “Bury a Friend,” earlier in July.

Eilish said that her favorite track as a kid was Swift’s “Picture to Burn,” which was “so cool and mean” -- but which she didn’t even realize was sung by Swift until recently.

She also waxed lyrical about Lavigne, whose song, “Losing Grip,” was another standout from her younger years. She added that the track “came back into my life” in 2018, during which she would often rock out to it in the car.

“We used to just scream this song in the car. God, this song. God!” Eilish enthused. “I've never heard a sound like that in my life. There is no other song like this. There's no other song. I'm telling you, this song does not get old. I was with all my homies two years ago and we would just scream this song wherever we went. God. Every time I hear that beginning, I'm like, ‘OK, let's get ready. OK.’"

On a more personal note, Eilish revealed that The Beatles’ “Something” struck a chord at an early age because it conveyed what she hoped to experience in love someday.

“I think part of the reason this song used to make me so emotional is I just wanted somebody to feel this way about me so bad. I felt this way about a thousand people, because I was a little love-crazed child,” she explained. “Lost my will to love about a year ago, so it's been a while. Anyway, not relevant. Yeah, my whole dream was I always wanted somebody to think and talk about me the way that Aladdin talks about Jasmine in the movie.”

Speaking of being a love-crazed child -- Eilish and her mom, Maggie, recently discussed how one of the objects of the singer's affections was crush turned collaborator Justin Bieber.

“We did consider taking you to therapy because you were in so much pain over Justin Bieber," Maggie shared.

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