Billie Eilish Loses It Over Intense Sneaker Colors Debate

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Billie Eilish knows her sneaker's colors and you can't tell her otherwise!

The 18-year-old singer took to her Instagram Story over the weekend to show her fans a pair of Nike Air sneakers, and noted that her dad thought the shoes were pink and white, when to her, they were obviously mint green and white. But when a lot of her fans told her they also thought the shoes were pink and white, Eilish was in disbelief and hilariously couldn't let it go.

On Monday, she once again took to her Instagram Story to argue her point in a series of videos, the saga being reminiscent of the big "The Dress" debate of 2015.

"So, I've come to the conclusion that you guys just don't know your sneakers at all, because, the people that agree with me  -- because they know what the f**k the shoe looks like -- are all people that are sneakerheads, that know what the f**king Uptempo mint green shoes looks like. I don't care what you think they look like, I care about what they are, and you guys, ugh!"

"I'm still pressed about this, because the whole internet is gaslighting me," she added.

Billy Eilish's sneakers

When a friend noted that there were "bigger problems in the world," Eilish agreed with a laugh.

"You got me there," she said.

However, she continued to prove her point that the sneakers were mint green by comparing them with another pair of Nike sneakers she had that are obviously pink and white. It's worth noting that Nike also calls the shoe "Barely Green" in its shoe description.

"So, we all know that I'm right here, even though you see something else, you know that I'm right, underneath it all, right?" she asked.

"And real quick before you keep arguing ... the entire internet's been calling me fat for a week, so let me have this," she added with a laugh.


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