Billie Eilish's New 'No Time to Die' Music Video Tells the Story of James Bond's Betrayal: Watch

James Bond and Billie Eilish

The sexy song is the latest theme for the franchise.

Billie Eilish's new James Bond theme song, "No Time to Die," now has a sexy music video to go with it. The sultry song of love and betrayal is the franchise's latest anthem, soundtracking the film of the same name, which hits theaters April 2, 2021. 

The new music video cuts back and forth between black-and-white shots of Eilish clutching a microphone close as she stares into the camera and scenes from the film of Daniel Craig's Bond and Léa Seydoux's Madeleine Swann engaging in a love affair. 

It's clear that Madeleine betrays 007 in some way as the video continuously shares shots of the agent looking distrustful as he gazes upon his ladylove. 

Eilish first released the song in February, keeping the details of the track hush hush when she spoke with ET at the GRAMMYs prior to the drop. 

"What can I tease? I don't know if I got anything for you. You kinda just gotta wait. It just is what it is," she told ET at the time. "It's good! That's all I'm saying." 

Eilish's brother, Finneas O'Connell, who co-wrote the song with his sister, echoed her sentiments, telling ET, "It's hard to put into words how meaningful it is to us."

"We're both huge fans of the franchise, of the Daniel Craig franchise specifically. I don't think there's a more iconic film and music sort of collaboration in the world than the theme songs to James Bond films. It was a lifelong dream of ours and I just feel crazy lucky that we've already gotten to be a part of this," he added. "It's insane."

No Time to Die is Craig's final film as Bond. Its spring release was previously delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. For more, watch the trailer below: