Billie Eilish Reveals One of the Only Dates She's Been on Was at 13

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Billie Eilish is opening up about one of the few -- and most uncomfortable dates -- she's been on.

The 17-year-old singer stopped by the Howard Stern Show on Monday and recalled how one of the only dates she's been on ended in disaster.

"I, like, went on a date once and it was when I was 13 and it was at the movies... And it was the day before Valentine's Day and then he kissed me and said, 'That was not as magical as I thought it was gonna be,'" she said. "He was super rich and his butler -- literally, his butler -- his butler was there the entire time, but in a different movie theater and he took him and he left and I was stuck there. No one told me they were, like, gonna leave." 

As if that wasn't bad enough, things took another bad turn when a young child came up to the abandoned Eilish.

"A baby came up to me and the baby looked at me. I was like, 'Oh my god a baby and it's smiling at me.' And I smiled and it started screaming and crying and ran away," she said. "And then I went home and cried. And then the next day it was Valentine's Day. That was one date I had."

"Dude is hella ugly now," she added.

While her date at 13 may not have been up to par, that is the year her career took off, something she's very grateful for.

"There's a part of me that feels like... I didn't get to be a teenager, like, a normal one," she admitted. "More and more I get more grateful for it happening that young because I feel like, if it happened later, that people would be able to dig up dirt from when I was that age."

"If this hadn't happened at that age, I would've been doing some reckless sh*t," she added. 

Despite her crazy success, Eilish still doesn't feel like she knows what her fans want and remains surprised by the songs that they respond to.

"I don't know what people want anymore. Because I thought that everyone would hate 'Bad Guy' and that everyone would hate 'When the Party's Over,' so I don't know what to expect now," she said. "... Even when 'Bury a Friend' came out, my mom -- who is, like, always promoting no matter what we do, she's the most supportive little baby on Earth -- was like, 'I have to be honest, like, I did not think people would be cool enough to like it.'"

When ET caught up with Eilish last month, she expressed disbelief about her GRAMMY eligibility.

"I still haven't thought about it. I don't think I'll be on stage, you know?" she said. "I think it's so weird when people think they're going to be huge. God, that's so weird. I never in a million years would have thought this sh*t would happen. I'm only grateful for it, for real."


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