Billie Eilish Runs Around an Empty Mall in 'Therefore I Am' Music Video: Watch!

Billie Eilish

The singer directed her latest music video.

Billie Eilish is bringing the sass with her latest track. On Thursday, the 18-year-old singer released "Therefore I Am," her latest song, with its accompanying music video.

In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Eilish said that the track, which includes lyrics like, "So go have fun / I really couldn't care less / And you can give 'em my best, but just know / I'm not your friend or anything," is "very, very up for interpretation."

"I'm very curious to see what people get from it and also what they feel when they hear it... It's a little mean. I love it," she said. "It was very fun to complete. It was fun to record... It feels like me... If I think about it from an outside perspective, this one I'd be satisfied if I was a fan."

Eilish brings the energy that her lyrics demand to the music video, which features her running around an empty mall as she samples some of its best food options.

"The video is just the way that the song feels to me of just kind of like careless and not really trying," Eilish, who also directed the video, said. "... We shot [the video] on an iPhone, which we didn't even mean to do. It's basically me running through the empty Glendale Galleria eating a doughnut and a pretzel. That's literally it."

Eilish described the video as having "random, chaotic, don't care s**t."

"It was so fun," she said of the shoot. "We shot it overnight... We had barely any crew. It was crazy. It was so crazy."

As for her upcoming album, Eilish said she feels "good" about the state of its songs, including "Therefore I Am" and her previous track, "My Future."

"I'm very, very happy with where I'm at in making music," she said. "I love 'Therefore I Am,' I love 'My Future.' I can't f**king wait for people to hear this album that we're working on."


Watch the video below for more on Eilish.