Billie Eilish Was Secretly a Redhead for a Whole Week

The 20-year-old singer is now back to brunette.

Billie Eilish is the queen of hair transformations! The 20-year-old "Happier Than Ever" singer took to her Instagram Stories to reflect on 2021 with the help of some of her fans. 

Eilish asked her fans to pick a random date from the past year, and when one chose Nov. 22, she shared a video of herself at a salon with fiery red locks. 

"Took the blonde out and went red for a week, hehe," Eilish captioned the video. 

Eilish initially debuted her blonde 'do back in March, before showing off her brunette look in early December. This is the first time she shared her in-between red tresses. 

Prior to these hair transformations, she'd been rocking black hair with neon green roots. In fact, Eilish remained so secretive about her hair that she wore a wig while transitioning to her blonde look.

"I knew it would have these processing periods where it would look insane and I didn't want to look insane, but I needed something quick, so I literally ordered a Billie Eilish Halloween costume wig on Amazon," she shared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert back in May.

For more with the "bad guy" artist, check out the video below.