'Saturday Night Live': Billie Eilish Talks Growing Up and Her Acting Dreams in Debut Monologue

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Billie Eilish made her Saturday Night Live hosting debut over the weekend, and kicked things off with a confident and enlightening monologue.

Taking to the stage in a cheerfully eccentric puffy white dress -- which she said made her look like she "just got married in an anime" -- Eilish seemed cheerful and effortlessly confident in the spotlight as she delivered some solid jokes.

"Some people wonder why I started wearing baggy clothes, and there was actually a good reason," Eilish said, after addressing her unique look. "It wasn't just for comfort or for style. This is hard to say for me, but the real reason I wore big oversized clothes back then is I was actually two kids stacked on top of each other trying to sneak into a R-rated movie."

Eilish reflected on how he was a musical guest a few years back, but admitted at that time she "never thought that I would host."

"In fact, I used to say that I hated acting. But the truth is, when I was little I loved it!" she continued. "My mom and dad were both actors. So is my brother, Finneas. And it was my dream to be in a movie. And I remember when that dream died."

According to Eilish, it was when she was 9 years old and her mom "wrote a film inspired by her life."

"This is true. She cast my brother, Finneas, as her son, she played the mom, and in the movie, she had no daughter!" she recalled. "True story! Yeah, I got the hint from that."

Eilish laughing revealed that her mom was actually there to support her. She brought her out on stage, only to see her mom rocking a custom sweartshirt that read "Finneas' Mom" with a picture of his face.

Later in her fun monologue, Eilish got candid about turning 20 and growing into adulthood, and explained the challenges of being in the spotlight from a young age.

"I'm turning 20, or as the internet calls that, middle-aged. But I am actually really excited to get older because I am just now starting to understand who I actually am as a person," she shared. "The scary thing about growing up in the public eye is people just decide that everything you say and do and look like is who you are forever. That's not fair! Would you want to be judged by the way you presented yourself when you were 16?"

"It takes time and effort to accept who you really are. You'll be so happy that you did," she continued. "I spent a lot of years pretending to be somebody that I'm not -- basically, acting," Eilish continued. "And somebody wise once told me, 'Billie, you should never act.' And that person was my mom."

Eilish played double duty on Saturday, serving as both the host and the night's musical guest.

She first took the stage for a performance of her single "Happier Than Ever," where she was accompanied by her brother.

Later in the episode, Eilish took the stage once again for a slow and emotionally powerful performance of "Male Fantasy."

Saturday Night Live airs weekends, like from coast-to-coast at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.


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