Billy Crystal & Meg Ryan Look Picture Perfect at 'When Harry Met Sally' 30th Anniversary Screening (Exclusive)

The celebrated comic was in high spirits as he posed with his friend and former co-star and dished to ET about making the beloved film.

Thirty years ago, the world was introduced to one of the greatest cinematic love stories ever, When Harry Met Sally

On Thursday, stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan celebrated the occasion with a massive ceremony that shut down Hollywood Blvd. -- as part of the 2019 TCM Classic Film Festival -- where the pair reunited and looked absolutely stunning, smiling side-by-side.

Ryan donned a stylish black tuxedo for the grand occasion while Crystal rocked a comfortable blue jacket and black shirt as they posed for photos and waved to fans.

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ET's Lauren Zima spoke with Crystal at the event, where he shared some memories of his time making the film and reflected on its indelible legacy.

When asked when he first realized the iconic comedy was considered such a classic, Crystal quipped, "Today!"

"People called me and said, 'They're gonna close down Hollywood Boulevard for a 30-year-old movie," the 71-year-old star exclaimed.

However, in actuality, Crystal said that he and director Rob Reiner had a pretty good idea that the film was going to be a real hit "from the moment it opened, and actually before."

"Rob and I were in Burbank, testing the movie. [It was] the first time people saw it and it was the first time the orgasm scene -- I have to call it that -- played, and the laughs were insanely great," Crystal recalled fondly. "When that scene ended, we realized he and I were holding hands because it was so intense in the theater, the laughs were so amazing, that we knew that there was something special."

The so-called "Orgasm scene" -- in which Ryan's character, Sally Albright, proves to Crystal's Harry Burns that she could believably fake an orgasm by loudly pretending to have one in the middle of a busy New York City diner -- is considered to be one of the most iconic comedic scenes in film history, and it's humor is undeniable, even for royalty.

In 1989, Crystal, Ryan and the cast of When Harry Met Sally got the opportunity to meet Princess Diana at a screening of the classic rom com in London.

"She took your breath away when she got out of the car, and she couldn't have been more beautiful, more positive, so young and so vital," Crystal shared.

The actor recalled how he and Ryan were seated on either side of her, and many people in the audience knew about the orgasm scene, however Crystal was sure that the princess did not.

"So we were in the balcony, in the front row of the balcony in Leicester Square, and everybody in the orchestra, when the scene started, shifted their weight and turned around to see how she was gonna react," Crystal remembered.

As it turned out, Princess Diana found it as funny as everyone else and ended up laughing at the famously risque scene. "It was awesome," Crystal said with a smile.

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While the trend towards remaking, rebooting and reviving classic projects has become something of a growing trend in recent years, the actor said that there won't really ever be a need to come back to these characters in a future sequel.

"We talked about that for years and years and years," Crystal explained. "And for those of us who believe in happily ever after, that's where they are and that's where they should be."



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