Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell Recall Their 'Wild' Honeymoon Amid a Pandemic

Bindi Irwin and her husband, Chandler Powell, tied the knot last March and are now expecting their first child.

Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell are recalling the unusual circumstances of their wedding day and shortly thereafter.

On Wednesday's episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the couple, who are currently expecting their first child, join Bindi's mother and brother, Terri and Robert Irwin, to talk about getting married and their "wild" honeymoon.

Bindi and Chandler tied the knot in March 2020, just as the world was shutting down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Holy moly. It was crazy because Australia Zoo was actually temporarily closed for a period of time during the pandemic," Chandler recalls. "So we got married and then our honeymoon was taking care of 1,200 animals with no guests coming in. So it was a wild time."

"It was really crazy," Bindi agrees. "You always plan your wedding with lots of guests and I think it was just us and the animals. Very, very small. But it was really, really special. We're just glad to be married and to be husband and wife while taking on this wild 2020 and new 2021."

"It's a silver lining," Terri chimes in. "You've got to grab every silver lining you can when times are tough."

Though guests were unable to attend and other changes had to be made, Bindi's plan to have Robert walk her down the aisle came to fruition. The siblings' dad, Steve Irwin, died in 2006. Robert admits he was all kinds of emotional on his sister's big day.

"It was amazing. It was definitely just one of the most incredible moments of my entire life. I felt so honored when Bindi first asked me to walk her down the aisle," Robert says. "When everything was coming down to the wire and we were planning this wedding, it was really, really hard because of course there were no guests. It was a little bit chaotic, but at the end of the day it all came together and it was just the most beautiful moment ever."

"I think, for me, I was incredibly emotional at the same time. Not only being so proud for Bindi and [having] such a happy day, but also thinking how much I wish that Dad could've been there. That was his job to walk her down the aisle," he continued. "But I felt very honored to be there, I guess sort of on his behalf. I think we definitely felt him on the day. It was incredibly emotional, but just so special. I'll never, ever forget that. It was amazing."

Robert's comments echo what he told ET last May.

"Walking down the aisle and having that job in particular, you think a lot about dad," he told ET. "You wish more than anything that he could be there on the day... But it was all happy tears. I wasn't expecting to get so emotional."

For Bindi, Robert's job on her wedding day was one of the first decisions she made as a bride-to-be.

"I think that for me, it'll be really important that Robert walks me down the aisle. That's something that I really want to do," she told ET after her July 2019 engagement. "I'm always so grateful that Robert is there, and he has been such a big part of my life and he's always stepped up and been the one to give me a hug when I need it and encourage me forward in life."

"He will definitely be the one to walk me down the aisle when the time comes, and I think that will make it really special," Bindi added. "I think that's what dad would have wanted as well."