'BiP's Chris Randone Says He's 'Truly Broken' by Ex Krystal Nielson's Pregnancy Announcement

Krystal Nielson Chris Randone
Troy Harvey via Getty Images

Randone and Nielson announced their split in February.

Chris Randone is getting real about his reaction to Krystal Nielson's pregnancy. The Bachelor in Paradise alum shared during an Instagram Q&A on Friday that he was feeling "truly broken" by the news. 

Nielson announced on Wednesday that she and her boyfriend, Miles Bowles, are expecting their first child, due in April. Nielson discovered she was pregnant in August, six months after she and Randone announced their split. The pair tied the knot on Bachelor in Paradise last summer. 

"Icing on the cake for feeling truly broken," Randone shared of how the news made him feel on Friday. "But I know in my heart I'm gonna find a super dope woman and have the most beautiful babies a dad could ask for. So I'll continue to follow my heart and let God guide my path in finding an incredible woman to build and grow with.”


"I'll never be okay about it," Randone added in response to a fan asking if he's "ok with all the Krystal stuff." "But I will just continue to be grateful for the years I had with that love. At least the love I had in my heart." 

As for whether Randone is ready to date, he said, “To an extent. I’m starting to dive in just a little but giving all of me will take some time.”


Nielson's pregnancy was a surprise, she revealed in her YouTube announcement. 

"That would be f**king bananas. That would be so bananas if I was pregnant," she said in a clip, filmed on Aug. 9. "If I saw a no I'd be relieved. And I'd be like, 'OK, not yet. Still not time.' I might go make myself a skinny margarita to be honest. And if it's a yes, I'm gonna freak out. I'm going to freak out."

"Oh my god, my whole life would change. Like, my whole life would change," she added. "Oh my gosh, I'm so scared."

However, Nielson quickly came around to the idea, and expressed her excitement about her soon-to-be bundle of joy. 

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