'BiP's Raven Gates Spills Details on Upcoming Wedding With Adam Gottschalk (Exclusive)

The reality star also tells ET who in Bachelor Nation made the worst first impression.

Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk are putting the finishing touches on their wedding. 

While sitting down with ET's Lauren Zima for Monday's episode of Roses & Rose, Gates was challenged to a game of "Sip or Spill" -- which wasn't very hard when it came to talking about saying "I do." 

The former reality star revealed that she and Gottschalk, who proposed last May, will tie the knot at Temple Emanu-El in Dallas, Texas, on May 30, 2020, nearly three years after they started dating on Bachelor in Paradise. 

"Adam has specific requests for the wedding, what he would like drink-wise, music-wise, which check, check, we got that done. But he's leaving it to me," she shared. "I have the big stuff done. It's just, like, the little minor details."

The pair's interfaith ceremony, which won't be televised, "started off small" but has quickly grown. While Rachel Lindsay won't be getting an invite amid their feud, Gates' longtime friend and fellow Bachelor alum, Tia Booth, is definitely on the guest list. 

Despite her ups and down with Lindsay, Gates has no regrets about her Bachelor experience -- not even that scene in which she hinted that Nick Viall gave her her first orgasm after their fantasy suite date. 

"No, [he didn't give me my first orgasm]. I think everyone knows that at this point. It was just fun and it was funny, and I thought it was hilarious. And a lot of older women came up to me and hugged me. 'We understand,'" Gates recalled. "It was fun and it was funny. I hope people laughed at it."

Gates says she and Viall got to "second base," but hinted she hit a home run on her overnight date with Gottschalk on Paradise

"God blessed me, he really did, in every facet of the imagination," she joked. "I wasn't sure about Adam until we had our overnight, and then I was pretty damn sure. His parents are not going to appreciate that, and neither are mine, but you know what, I love him and he's wonderful and we're getting married and it's all good."

"He has that big... energy," Gates said with a laugh. 

The brunette beauty has come a long way since she first applied for The Bachelor, which she told ET occurred at her ex-boyfriend's house. 

"I got in a car wreck and he was the only one that saw me and I totaled my vehicle. He brought me back to his house, and I was like, 'I can't get back in this situation.' A commercial came on for The Bachelor and I got his laptop while he was in the shower and applied myself, because I thought, 'I cannot get back in this situation.' It was a Hail Mary, and it worked," she revealed. "When you're desperate, you do desperate things."  

Then, she ended up on Viall's season, arriving at the mansion in a limo with Corinne Olympios. "Corinne was probably my worst [first impression], because I was in her limo, and she turned around to me and said something like, 'What kind of shoes are you wearing?' And I was like, 'I don't know. They're from, like, Forever 21.' And she was like, 'Oh.' She had on some big-name brand, and I was like, 'Oh. I'm scared,'" Gates remembered. "But I love her now. We're just different, you know? I was scared."

Gates is currently embracing the differences between her and Gottschalk as they renovate their first home together. 

"He's not a dreamer. He's a doer. He sees it, he does it, he's in here, he's out there, he's like, 'I'll replace it.' I'm just like, 'You're giving me anxiety.' He's just, like, everywhere," she said. "I love him so much, because we're so different."

"He's Type A, and I'm just, like, go with the flow. I can roll with the punches," she added. "I'm up and down, I can roll with it." 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 


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