EXCLUSIVE: 'Bachelor In Paradise's Raven Gates & Adam Gottschalk on Their Romance & If Rachel Lindsay Approves

Gates tells ET that Lindsay told her to stay away from her 'top three.'

Dating your friend's ex -- what can go wrong? 

Apparently not much for Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk, who revealed on Monday's Bachelor in Paradise season four finale that they've taken their relationship to the next step. 

ET's Lauren Zima caught up with the happy couple after the taping last week, where they opened up about their romance -- and whether Rachel Lindsay approves. 

"I asked Rachel before Paradise, she's like, 'Don't mess with my top three. I said, 'OK, I can do that. I'm your girl, that's fine,'" shared Gates, who became good friends with Lindsay after both competing for Nick Viall's heart on The Bachelor. "I said, 'Who from your season would I click with?' and she said Adam!"

"I swear to you that she said Adam, and she was so right," she gushed. "She was so right!"

"Stamped and approved!" Gottschalk added. 

The pair got Lindsay's blessing -- but are things still awkward between them? 

"No," Gottschalk insisted. "The first day that Paradise aired, she and [her finance], Bryan [Abasolo], were over at my house, and we watched it all together and it wasn't awkward. It was just fun."

And it sounds like the threesome might be hanging out as a foursome soon, as Gates announced that she's considering a move to Dallas, Texas (where Gottshschalk and Lindsay are based) from Hoxie, Arkansas. 

"I'm considering it. There's some moving pieces with my business that I have to figure out, but I'm open to expanding," Gates said. "And he's in real estate, so he can look for a nice building to make some money in."

"Team work makes the dream work," Gottschalk agreed, before the two revealed how they'll make their relationship last outside of Paradise. 

"We've had so many conversations about real life and what we were going to do, that I think we stayed on the same page about everything," Gates said. 

"It's A, communication, B, it's giving as much as you receive, and the fact that we have flexibility in our jobs to take a weekend off to see each other or travel to some place that we have the ability to do allows the relationship to stay sustained and keep it moving forward," Gottschalk confessed. "I think that's special."

"That's so true," Gates confirmed. "A lot of Bachelor couples don't have the luxury that Adam and I have, that we can free our schedules up because I own my own business, he has a really flexible schedule and so we're able to see each other more frequently than regular couples."

The two have already met each other's parents, so will they follow in Taylor Nolan and Derek's Peth's footsteps down the aisle? 

"We've talked about where [our relationship] is now and we're taking it day by day. I think we live in today, but we plan and prepare for tomorrow," Gottschalk shared. "As far as an engagement, [it's] something that we've talked about."

"It's serious, but obviously being engaged and married are two different things and I think that when the time is right, we'll be ready to take that step and everyone is going to be excited to see that," he added.

And though Gottschalk says he and Gates are too "busy" for more reality TV, the boutique owner disagrees. 

"In the words of Jasmine, if ABC wants good TV, we can give them good TV," she promised.