Dean Unglert Hates the Term 'F***boy' After 'BIP', Reveals What Happened With His 'Bachelor' Discussions

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The Bachelor in Paradise cast called Dean Unglert the biggest "f**kboy" of the season, but he isn't too excited about his new title. 

"I hate F-boy" Unglert told ET's Lauren Zima at the Bachelor End of Summer Party benefiting Restore Dignity at Tiato in Santa Monica, California, on Wednesday. "It's so annoying." 

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Unglert's Paradise castmembers couldn't help but label him a f**kboy after he strung along both Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard on the show. And while Unglert understands being called that, he says hearing it makes him "die inside." 

"I don't know if I necessarily qualify myself as an F-boy, and of course it's everyone's freedom of expression to call me whatever they want to call me, but at this point, it's just getting overplayed and overused," he shared. "While I disagree with that, I can see how my actions reflect it. But every time I see that comment on my Instagram, a part of me dies inside."

"I didn't forget the cameras," he said of his behavior on Paradise. "I just thought that being open about my feelings for both of them, with each other, would be reason for Kristina to say she didn't think something was permissible. She'd say, 'This needs to end right now.'"

"It was kind of my cop-out way, my scaredy-cat way of being like, 'This is your reason to end things if you don't feel comfortable,' but looking back, I should've never put her in that position," he confessed. 

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As for what his relationship is with Schulman and Lombard now, Unglert says there's "no bad blood on my part" -- and that "all three of us" even made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

"I would love to have a relationship with both of them as friends," he shared. "It's not really for me to decide, though." 

And while Unglert was originally a front-runner to be the next Bachelor (the show's creator, Mike Fleiss, tweeted that Unglert didn't get the job shortly before Arie Luyendyk Jr. was announced as Bachelor No. 22 on Wednesday), he admitted that how he acted in Paradise probably cost him the gig. 

"I talked about it very informally with a few people, but there was never a formal offer extended or anything like that," Unglert said. "If you watch two episodes of Paradise, you'll see very quickly why I'm not the Bachelor this year." 

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