Blac Chyna Asks for Break in Court After Seeing Her Nude Photos

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Blac Chyna requested a break after nude photos in a binder were set in front of her on the third consecutive day she took the witness stand in her civil trial against Rob Kardashian and his family.

The 33-year-old model's photos were not shown to the jury or anyone else, but it was clear the sight of the photos in the binder triggered strong emotions, enough for her to request a break. The Kardashians' attorney, Michael Rhodes, presented Chyna with the binder that included photos Rob had previously posted on social media.

Blac Chyna
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

An eyewitness tells ET, “Once she left the courtroom, Chyna was seen crying and visibly shaken after seeing the photos of herself naked in the binder. She was being consoled by her male friend as she walked into a private room at the courthouse."

Rhodes also brought up the restraining order Chyna filed against Rob -- as well as the press conference she had with her attorney to announce the restraining order and her subsequent appearance on Good Morning America -- and asked her if it was all a publicity stunt.

Chyna fought back, saying, "You think I'm supposed to not let anything happen? Rob posted nudes of me on the internet. Do you want me to not do anything? Am I to not do anything and just take it, right?" At this point, Chyna became visibly upset and started tearing up, and says the binder containing her nude photos is the reason.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna
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During this tense moment, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner remained stoic the entire time and had no reaction. Kylie Jenner did not appear in court. She's out sick and went to see a doctor and will return when doctors give her the green light.

On Wednesday, Chyna testified that pointing a gun and tying an iPhone charging cord around Rob in December 2016 was all done in jest and she never meant to pose any harm.


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