Blac Chyna Claims She Jokingly Threatened Rob Kardashian With a Gun in Court Testimony

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Blac Chyna has admitted she pointed a gun at Rob Kardashian back in 2016 but claims she was joking around.

The 33-year-old made the claim while testifying in L.A. Superior Court on Wednesday in Day 3 of her civil trial against Rob and his family. Chyna, while talking about a night in December 2016, claimed that Rob's allegation that she threatened his life are unfounded for a myriad of reasons.

Chyna testified that, on the night they were celebrating Rob & Chyna getting greenlit for season 2, she and Rob celebrated by being silly. Chyna's case in point -- she points to video of Rob and Chyna kissing as well as Rob throwing money at her. In that video, Rob's shirt is torn, and Chyna explains she tore it in a flirty, playful demeanor and in no way had any plan to inflict harm on Rob.

Rob had previously filed legal docs claiming she intended to "inflict severe injury to me and I feared for my life" after he claimed she tried to choke him with an iPhone charging cord and allegedly assaulted him with a metal pole. He also claimed she pointed a loaded gun at him.

Recalling the charging cord incident, Chyna testified that -- in an attempt to get Rob's attention after he seemingly ended the couple's celebration and instead started playing a video game -- she grabbed the cord and wrapped it around his neck in a playful way and in no way was intending to strangle him. She also claimed there was no struggle during the "playful" incident.

As for the gun incident, Chyna testified that she knew Rob kept a gun on his bedroom dresser but claimed the gun was not loaded. Chyna claimed that, while Rob was eating dinner and FaceTiming with a couple of friends, she jokingly went in the video call's frame and pointed the gun at him as a silly threat if he ever left her. Chyna claimed she was just being silly with Rob and his friends.

Chyna also testified that she and Rob got into an argument later that night after he accused her of cheating. She said there were filmed scenes for Rob & Chyna in which she talks to her friends about reassuring Rob that Dream was his daughter. 

When the fight ensued, Chyna claims she called Kris because, in the past, Kris helped them get through their relationship struggles. But, instead, Chyna claims Kris' boyfriend, Corey Gamble, showed up and tried to calm things down. She went on to claim there was no physical violence when he arrived and that she was trying to retrieve her phone from Rob, whom Chyna claimed grabbed it from and sifted through it while locked in a closet.

Chyna said, out of anger, she smashed a gingerbread house and a TV in the house, which belonged to Kylie Jenner. Chyna claims Gamble told Rob to grab his things and leave the house, but Rob wouldn't return the phone. She testified that she didn't do anything physically to him, didn't hit him in the face or on his body.

During opening statements, the Kardashians attorney, Michael Rhodes, recounted the purported incident and told the jury that Gamble "walked into a house where there was screaming and yelling." Rhodes implored the jury not to believe him, but instead assess Gamble's credibility when he's later called to the witness stand.

"Mr. Gamble had to physically get between them," Rhodes told the jury. "He yelled at Mr. Kardashian, 'Get your car keys. Get your license. Get out of here.' She's attacking. He's trying to keep her away. She's irate."

Blac Chyna's attorney, Lynne Ciani, told the jury in her opening statement "there was no violent attack." 


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