Rob Kardashian Says He Feared for His Life After Blac Chyna Allegedly Pointed a Gun at Him


The 33-year-old reality star filed new court documents accusing his ex of assault and battery.

Rob Kardashian has leveled some new allegations against his former fiancée, Blac Chyna.

The reality star claims that his ex pointed a loaded gun at him and made him fear for his his life, according to recently filed court documents obtained by ET.

Kardashian claims the alleged incident occurred in December 2016 during an altercation between himself and Chyna, during which time he alleges that she tried to choke him with an iPhone charging cord and allegedly assaulted him with a metal pole.

"She used my phone to FaceTime my friend Victory and while we were on FaceTime with him, Chyna pointed the gun at me and threatened me," Kardashian, 33, claimed in the documents, which were filed as part of ongoing court battle between the former couple. Kardashian claims she threatened him a second time 20 to 30 minutes later when she allegedly pointed a gun at his head while on a video call with a different friend.

Kardashian stated in the documents he believed Chyna intended to "inflict severe injury to me and I feared for my life."

He further claims that, after they welcomed their daughter Dream in November 2016, Chyna's behavior became "erratic, aggressive and violent." He alleges that she stopped breastfeeding a month after her birth, at which point he claims she began to drink excessively and use cocaine.

According to the reality star, the incident allegedly occurred at a day-long photoshoot, and he accused Chyna of using drugs with her entourage throughout the day.

"When Chyna is drunk and high, she is very strong," Kardashian claimed in the docs.. "As the night went on and she became more and more intoxicated, her behavior escalated and she became very violent and aggressive."

"I believed that she could kill me, intentionally or because she [was] in such a drunken/high state that she could slip up and shoot me accidentally," he continued, adding that he did not believe Chyna's alleged attacks were "funny or a joke."

Chyna's attorney, Lynne Ciani, strongly disputes Kardashian's framing of events and claims that the reality star is lying about feeling threatened or fearing for his life.

"The problem for Rob is there is not one shred of evidence to prove his false allegations," Ciana said in a statement released to ET. "In fact, Rob has admitted under oath that he sustained no injuries, did not require any medical attention, and did not seek any help from law enforcement."

Ciani claims that Kardashian is "falsely accusing" Chyna of assault and battery as a form of retaliation against his ex and claims the pair "had a raucous and flirty time together on December 14, 2016 to celebrate the worldwide announcement that Season 2 of their #1 rated hit reality T.V. show Rob & Chyna had been greenlit by the E! Network."

"Part of that raucous and flirty celebration included Chyna ripping her fiancé Rob’s shirt and then playfully stroking her fingernails against his chest," Ciani stated. "Far from being 'assault and battery,' Rob instead admitted under oath at his deposition that being scratched by a woman is 'one of the best things a man could ask for. Rob also admitted that he never feared for his life and actually thought it was 'funny' when Chyna teased him while holding Rob’s unloaded gun."

According to the documents filed by Kardashian, he claims that, after the alleged incident, he "suffered ongoing fear and anxiety, and hired security and had all of the locks to the house changed because I was afraid Chyna would come back to harm me."

He also stated that Corey Gamble, the boyfriend of his mother, Kris Jenner, intervened in the alleged attack.

Gamble provided a declaration included in the filing and stated that he witnessed Chyna in a "very agitated state" and claimed that she was "attacking Rob with her fists."

"I tried to separate Chyna and Rob so that I could help Rob leave the house and get away from Chyna," Gamble wrote in the court docs. "Chyna did not stop attacking Rob even though I did my best to intervene. While I helped Rob walk out of the house, Chyna continued to lunge at him and punched him numerous times in the head and face, as well as his back."

"Rob did not fight back and simply tried to shield himself from Chyna's physical attack on him," Gamble wrote, claiming that she also threw a chair at Kardashian as he attempted to leave.

Ciani denied all such allegations against her client, stating, "There was no 'violent attack'" and that the two were "a very happily engaged couple at the time" of the alleged altercation.

"Rob is simply trying to cover up his critical deposition admissions by now lying and claiming that Chyna 'pulled a gun' on him and that he feared for his life. That is just another one of Rob’s lies."

Kardashian and Chyna's tumultuous relationship officially came to an end in February 2017. They agreed on sharing joint custody of their daughter Dream in September 2017, but have since been embroiled in a heated custody battle.

For more on the ongoing litigation between the pair, see the video below.