Blac Chyna Says Her Cosmetic Surgeries Didn't Represent Who She Was 'Internally' (Exclusive)

The model reversed several of her cosmetic procedures earlier this year.

Blac Chyna wanted what people see on the outside to match who she is on the inside. ET's Nischelle Turner recently spoke to the 35-year-old model, whose real name is Angela White, and she revealed why she opted to undo several cosmetic procedures, including dissolving her facial fillers and getting breast and butt reductions.

Doing so is a decision she made "because of the things that I was attracting," she told ET.

"You have to think about it like this... I could look at you and make any assumption right until you start speaking to me. So my thing is before you even start talking to me or give me a chance I want you to see, 'OK this is a well-rounded woman,'" she said. "Not with these types of boobs and a big butt and the big lips. It put me in this category when that's really not who I am internally."

As for why she underwent the original procedures and opted to get several piercings and tattoos as well, White admitted that "it was always something to set a trend."

"Even from my cheek piercings that I had, all the girls went and got that. I used to have the super low bangs, all the girls loved that," she said. "The tattoos and this and that and it's like one of those things to where it's like, 'Hey, look at me. Once you get to that 'Hey look at me' point it's like, 'What then?'"

While she's not working to have all of her tattoos removed, noting that there'd be "no way possible" to do so, she is getting rid of one piece of ink.

"It's just one specific tattoo that I wanted to remove. I'm getting it removed and I will tell you this, it stings very, very, very bad, but it's fast. It was definitely something personal," she said, before explaining of the tattoo, "I felt as though it was attracting the wrong energy on me."

Now, White says she sees "a beautiful woman" when she looks in the mirror. That's not just because of her physical changes, though, as White's transformation is also internal as she's begun focusing on giving back. 

ET's interview with the model took place as she was volunteering with Caterina's Club, a nonprofit organization run by celebrity chef Bruno Serato.

"It's important to me because I feel like I can bring more light to a situation that's literally right underneath our noses," she said of supporting the charity's work to provide consistency in children's lives through something as simple yet meaningful as a nightly dinner. "Growing up I didn't have a silver spoon. A lot of kids are not privileged to even just have a meal, so I feel like this is really important to bring awareness to our community."

Serato agreed, telling ET, "I have a quote an inspiration I use all the time: It's time to stop talking about it, but to do something about it.' I did that 18 years ago. I haven't stopped yet... I always say I don't need a tank missile nuclear war to win the war against hunger, I just need pasta."

As for White, when people think about today, she hopes they'll see her as an example.

"I'm pretty sure some of the stuff that you're going through I probably went through," she said of others struggling. "If I could come from out of it, you definitely could come from out of it."