Blake Jenner Shares His Biggest Dating Turn-Offs -- and Ons (Exclusive)

blake jenner
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The 'The Vanishing of Sidney Hall' star is single, and the key to his heart is a fun one!

Blake Jenner is living the single life.

ET caught up with the former Glee star and ex-husband of Melissa Benoist at the Hollywood premiere of his new film, The Vanishing of Sidney Hall, on Thursday, where he opened up about his dating status.

"Not really, no, no, not really," he answered as to whether he's dating. "A little bit a while back, but not as of lately. I've kinda just been focusing on work. But I brought like seven dates tonight if you count like all my friends."

So when he does get back out there, what is the 25-year-old actor looking for?

"I guess my biggest turn-on would just be someone who just really connects with movies or ... I don’t know, just kinda just having a good time," he shared, noting, "Bowling, you gotta love laser tag and bowling. If you dig that then... There we go."

Jenner plays Brett Newport in the mystery drama film, a friend and classmate of Sidney (Logan Lerman), who becomes world-famous from one novel. The movie is available now on DirecTV and premiering in theaters March 2.

Reporting by Simone Corbett