Blake Lively Calls Those Praising Her Movie Transformation ‘Very Offensive’

The actress had a makeunder for her role in 'The Rhythm Section.'

Blake Lively doesn't look that bad without makeup on! 

The 32-year-old Rhythm Section star appeared on Wednesday's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she opened up about her dilemma with a recent transformation photo she posted to Instagram. 

Speaking about the film's makeup director, she pointed out a photo of herself looking worse for the wear. 

"She did this really rough look because my family's experienced a lot of tragedy," Lively said, pointing to the ragged first look. "She did this really rough look in the beginning, and this is sort of once I clean up. But when I posted it, people said, 'Wow, Blake bravely shows what she looks like before and after makeup.'"

Lively noted that she struggled with wanting to respond to the confused commenters, because both of her looks involved serious makeup. 

"There's two sides. Some people think that's what I look like without makeup, which I find very offensive because that takes an hour for her to make me look like that," she said pointing to the rough look, before referencing the transformed look, saying, "This also takes an hour for her to make me look this good. So I'm vacillating between my vanity which is wanting to be like, 'I don't actually look like that!' and wanting to be a feminist and being like, 'Why do we expect women to wake up looking like this? This isn't realistic, that you wake up this beautiful,' but I would like people to believe I wake up that beautiful."

Lively also shared details of her on-set injury, when she severed a ligament when she punched co-star Jude Law in the elbow. 

"You don't really want to punch someone's elbow," she said. "I punched his elbow and my hand basically turned to party confetti."

Though her movement has improved after two surgeries, Lively joked, " I did give my right hand for this movie!"

The mother of three also joked about her husband, Ryan Reynolds, joining her on set while she was receiving physical therapy from a very attractive man. 

"He looks like as if Zac Efron and Fabio had a baby with a Ken doll," she said of her physical therapist. "He's this Italian, beautiful hand therapist. He also looked like he could do a standing back tuck."

Sharing his name is Pierre Luigi, Lively joked about a time when Reynolds was still asleep in her trailer, and she desperately wanted him to wake up to meet Pierre Luigi. 

"I felt weird, like something was going on even though it wasn't," she said, adding that as Reynolds began to stir, Pierre Luigi made some suggestive-sounding comments. "I was like, 'It's just my hand!'"

Lively opened up to ET about the on-set injury, saying, "I did shoot until the end. I'm not sure if it's the take that's in the movie. But as soon as we wrapped I went to the hospital, filmed actually for a couple more days because I was like, 'I'm fine, I'm fine.'"


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