Blake Shelton on Becoming a Fashion Designer: 'For Me, It's Always Simple Stuff' (Exclusive)

The country singer is launching a flannel-heavy new collection.

Blake Shelton is trying fashion designer on for size. 

The country star and noted flannel enthusiast is lending his name to a new fall and holiday collection of apparel for men, women, children and even pets, with designs and colors inspired by a six-string guitar, blue skies and amber brews. 

"For me, it's always simple stuff," Shelton tells ET's Cassie DiLaura. "That's what I have on now, and I'm comfortable in it and I love it." 

The Lands' End x Blake Shelton collection is available now with a portion of sales being donated to Habitat for Humanity. 

"They know that what they do is fashion and they know that's the last thing I do," Shelton tells ET of the partnership. "Somehow they made it work where it's like, 'Hey, whatever it is you wear, we wanna go there.'" 

Shelton has been embracing his '90s country roots lately, channeling nostalgia with his latest single, "No Body," and its wildly "goofy" music video

"I felt like the world needs to just have some fun for a minute," Shelton told ET on the set of his video, which was filmed over the summer at the iconic bar from Thelma & Louise in Long Beach, California.

"The thing about this song, once we cut it and were listening to it back, is like, 'Man, I don't know if we meant to do this but it kind of sounds like '90s country music to me," he says. "That's one of the things I love about Luke Combs' records, you know, he sounds like he could have made those records in the '90s and people are really drawn to that."

Shelton, who arrived on the Nashville scene in 1994 before breaking through with his self-titled debut album in 2001, had no trouble slipping right back into his old boots, so to speak. 

"I thought, 'Man, I'll just go back to the old Blake, put my hat back on and put a mullet wig on and make a video,'" he jokes. "Because this song sounds like it came out of that era. That's why I thought it would be a great song for now, though, because I feel like lately we all kinda long for the good old days."