Blake Shelton Says Gwen Stefani’s Halloween Costume Made Him Look Like the Marshmallow Man

It was supposed to be a sailor's costume.

Blake Shelton's Halloween costume didn't end up quite as he expected.

The 42-year-old country crooner stops by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, where he dishes about how his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, is to blame for his Marshmallow Man-esque costume. The duo were dressing up for Stefani's niece and nephew's birthday party around Halloween when his first costume fell through.

"So it's the birthday party and Gwen had gotten me an Incredibles costume, the dad. And I put it on and it literally -- this was here in L.A. -- it was like putting on a thick coat because it had muscles and I don't have real muscles... So I didn't like that, it was too hot," Shelton says. "So she said, 'There's a sailor costume you can put on. Just put that on. I don't care.'"

"So I put that on and I swear to God, Ellen, I swear, I walk into the party and the very first person walked up to me and asked me if I was the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man," Shelton continues. "I swear! And they're right. They're exactly right!"

"That person must've been having some drinks beforehand because there's no way you look like the Marshmallow Man," DeGeneres, 60, assures her guest.

While on the show, Shelton also speaks to the upcoming end to his Sexiest Man Alive title, which he nabbed last year.

"I feel like sexy ends when... I'm not Sexiest Man Alive any more. I don't feel like it exists any more. I feel like it's over," he quips. "I hope to hell it goes over way better than it did whenever I was Sexiest Man Alive. I wish whoever it is luck."

DeGeneres questions her guest as to how Stefani reacted to the title, and if she expected more from him following winning the distinction.

"She did. It's supposed to be like a super power or whatever, you know what I'm saying? I don't think she felt the power," Shelton jokes.

Aside from his relationship, the pair discusses Shelton's recent onstage fall at the Pendleton Whisky Music Fest in Oregon.

"I blame that on Pitbull," Shelton says of the spill. "[He] was on that show, which is a great combination by the way, Blake Shelton and Pitbull, so you can imagine how I was feeling. I fell down onstage. I. Fell. Down. Onstage. In front of all these people... I fell. It is what it is. It's embarrassing."

In a tweet at the time, Shelton also jokingly turned the blame to the 37-year-old rapper.

"By the way, @pitbull...I blame you. It was my attempt at competing with your show..." he wrote. "I am a dancing son of a b**ch when I don’t take a 10-second giant s**t fall..."

The "Honeybee" singer also tweeted that he was drinking "a lot" before the tumble, and crowd sourced a video of the fall itself. However, his rep told ET that the drinking remark was "meant as a joke."

"He simply tripped over the riser and landed on the fiddle player's pedal board," the rep said. "This was not a result of drinking."

Watch the video below for more on Shelton's onstage slip:



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