Blake Shelton Wrote Gwen Stefani a Song for His Wedding Vows: More Details From the Special Day

Carson Daly, who officiated the nuptials, revealed news of the country singer's musical vows.

Blake Shelton pulled out all the stops for his vows to Gwen Stefani! On Tuesday's Today show, Carson Daly, who officiated the couple's Oklahoma wedding over the weekend, revealed that Shelton performed a song during his vows to his new wife.

Months ago, Daly said, he suggested to Shelton and Stefani that they pen their own vows for the ceremony. While they were "reluctant" to do so initially, they eventually agreed to make their vows musical.

"At the wedding, Gwen starts and she wrote this [speech] saying 'since I was a little girl... blah blah blah' and she crushes [it], not a dry eye in the church," Daly recalled of the 51-year-old bride. "... It was so perfect that I said to Blake when she was done, 'Top that, buddy.'"

The 45-year-old country crooner took on Daly's challenge, telling the crowd, "Gwen has always given me a hard time about not writing enough songs, so I wrote a song."

"Guitar comes in, stool, next thing you know, he wrote her a song, and he sings her a song -- while he's crying -- that he wrote specifically for her. 'Reach the Star,' I think it was called," Daly shared. "Not a dry eye in the house. That was a highlight."

Daly praised Shelton's song as "a hit," though he was unsure if the country star will ever release the track. If Shelton does, though, Daly said the song "will put everybody in the wedding at that moment. You will be transformed on to that hilltop in the middle of Oklahoma."

The couple's vows was just one of "a bunch of pinch me moments" at the intimate celebration, Daly said.

"It was perfectly them, the whole weekend and the marriage itself. It was as elegant, and refined, and cool as Gwen is, and it was as country, and down home, and fun as Blake is," Daly said. "They just work. They're an unlikely pair. They're like if you paired delicious fried chicken with a glass of champagne. On paper, on the menu, it doesn't seem to work, but it works."

"They're comfort food with class and everybody roots for that," he added. "... It was just their family. It was small and it was perfect."

As for his role in the ceremony, Daly couldn't have been more honored to be the one to marry his longtime friends.

"I've known Gwen for 25 years. I was friends with them both when they met separately. I love Blake to death. He's like the brother I never had," Daly said. "... When they called me, they had me on speaker phone and they said, 'We think you're perfect for it.'"

"Gwen and I both share a deep sense of faith. We talk a lot about faith, the two of us, and to work with them and their family to get to be a part of that day with my family was really an honor," he added. "It was fun, too. I don't want people to think 'Oh, a big celebrity wedding.' We had a blast all weekend long."

Daly reiterated as much on Instagram, where he shared photos from the ceremony. One pic featured Shelton and Daly grinning as Stefani made her way down the aisle, while others included a silly shot and photos with the TV personality's family.

"Here comes the bride…so honored to get to marry two of my favorite people on earth," Daly wrote. "May God bless you guys in this new chapter of your lives. We love you!"

Watch the video below for more on Shelton and Stefani's big day.



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