'Blindspot' Boss Breaks Down Jane's Stunning Revelation and Roman's Sexy New Romance (Exclusive)


Creator Martin Gero talks to ET about the biggest developments from Friday’s episode.

Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you haven't watched Friday's episode of Blindspot. If you have, you may continue...

Blindspot is bringing up baby.

On Friday’s episode of Blindspot, titled “Gunplay Ricochet,” Jane (Jaimie Alexander) uncovered a stunning secret after getting her hands on birth records that she was blissfully unaware of until now: She has a daughter she didn’t even know about. 

“That was probably the biggest piece of this season. We pitched the whole season to the network at the beginning of the year and this is something that really got everyone very excited,” creator Martin Gero tells ET of the shocking episode-ending revelation. 

“This is a crucially important part [of Jane’s story],” he adds. “The sudden realization that she has someone else out there that is her blood, that probably is a sociopath like everyone else in her family, it’s intoxicating thing for her. But as you’ll see, it’s going to show a lot of color to where Jane is emotionally right now as well.”

Following the episode, Gero breaks down the biggest developments, including Jane’s next steps in the search for her daughter, Roman’s steamy new romance and the team’s shady secrets.

ET: How active does Jane get in searching for her daughter?

Martin Gero: The arc to that decision is not as clean as you’d think it’d be for a lot of reasons. But you’ll start getting a huge amount of information as of the next episode. It’s complicated. Not to give away too much from the next episode, Jane’s in a rough place as well. Everything she touches kind of turns to sh*t. There’s a part of her that’s thinking, Maybe this kid is better off not knowing I’m her mother or not knowing who her family is. Maybe she’s happy as she is. All that gets dealt with in the next couple of episodes.


How does this new revelation shift her thinking? How does it change her perspective on her place in life?

It will definitely change Jane. Initially, Weller is a rock for her. This is why you’re in relationships. When you find out stressful information, you have someone to process it with and she definitely does that. It gets very complicated very quickly. It’s going to provide a lot of fodder.

Meanwhile, Roman takes on a new identity, Tom Jakeman. Is this going to be a longer play for him? He seems very invested in slipping into this character’s shoes for a while.

Absolutely. That’s a huge part of the show this year and what’s also really fun about it is, for the first time on Blindspot -- and this says so much about Luke -- we’re really running the bad guy story in parallel to the good guy story. You’re along on the ride for Luke’s mission as well. He’s not doing this just to cause Jane emotional strife. The tattoos have a clear target as well. We don’t know what it is yet, but we’re getting there. He’s working in parallel with us to succeed. This Tom Jakeman persona is extraordinarily important and also allows him to use him to use him his own accent.

That was going to be my next question. Did you intentionally make the original Tom Jakeman (played by Daniel Lissing) an Australian just so Luke could use his own accent?

By the way, Sullivan [Stapleton] is so jealous that Luke gets to use his Australian accent and he doesn’t! We definitely wanted an accent for the character because we were going to spend a lot of time with him and we wanted you to be able to easily differentiate between Tom Jakeman and Roman. We had originally written him as English and I was actually having dinner with Luke in Italy and mentioned [that], and I was like, “It’s stupid that we’re doing him as English. Would you rather just do an Australian accent?” And he was like, “Yeah, mate, yeah.” (Laughs.) I thought the scene last week where Roman is practicing the Australian accent is one of the funnest behind-the-scenes tidbits; it was so fun to watch him do that.


We’re also introduced to Blake Crawford, played by No Tomorrow’s Tori Anderson, who will play a big part in Roman’s arc. At the moment, he seems dead-set on using her as a pawn for whatever endgame he has put in place. What are you comfortable teasing about how their relationship plays out?

First of all, we’re so excited to have Tori Anderson on the show. She’s incredible and does some really beautiful things with the character this year that will make the audience really love her. It’s a really, really emotional and important arc. Roman starts off very clearly wanting to use Blake and is surprised by how much he loves her. That’s something to keep an eye out for. 

What’s the timetable for us to find out the details behind Weller’s Berlin secret?

You’ll know about Berlin before the end of 2017, so in the next four episodes.

Can you give us a tease for the next batch of episodes?

I hope what our fans feel, because it’s important to us, is that we’re not going to drop a bombshell [like Jane’s daughter] and spend seven or eight episodes with breadcrumbs as we get to an answer. You’re going to get huge answers about Jane’s daughter, about Reade, about who from inside the FBI is [hiding things]. You’re going to get a lot of great stuff between now and the end of the year. That last episode before the Christmas break is pretty exciting.

Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.