'Blindspot' Is Going International in Season 3 -- Check Out the Pulse-Pounding New Trailer!


Blindspot is upping the stakes for season three. 

Days ahead of the season three premiere, the NBC thriller dropped an action-packed new trailer teasing the upcoming season's international locations and Jane's (Jaimie Alexander) new bioluminescent tattoos.  

"These new tattoos take us on adventures in five continents," creator and writer Martin Gero explains in the clip. "You'll never know where we're going next, and I don't just mean story. I mean in the world, and it gives the show a scope and flavor that I don't think exists on network television."

"There's just something so wonderful about showcasing an amazing city," Alexander adds.

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"It's escapist and fun and truly epic. It's the kind of thrilling storytelling that our audience deserves and I think we delivered," Gero says. 

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When Blindspot returns on Friday, there will be big changes amongst the team. The finale jumped forward in time two years, revealing Jane to be living like a hermit in the mountains and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) finding her after a substantial amount of time apart after they presumably married.

“The mystery of how you go from them finally hooking up and saying ‘I love you’ to Jane living on a mountain somewhere is an answer I hope the audience wants us to answer next season and we will in the very first episode,” Gero told ET in May.

Blindspot kicks off season three on Friday, Oct. 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

See more on the show in the video below.