'Blindspot' Sneak Peek: Weller Comes Face to Face With His Estranged Mom in Tense Family Reunion (Exclusive)

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Time for an awkward family reunion.

On Friday's episode of Blindspot, titled "Everybody Hates Kathy," Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) grapples with the harsh reality that his estranged mother, Linda (guest star Lisa Emery), may have been secretly working with Jane's (Jaimie Alexander) mother, Shepherd's, terrorist organization. 

"I know this is hard. We don't have to talk about it," Jane assures Weller as they discuss the stunning family revelation at a local diner in ET's exclusive sneak peek.  

"So you really didn't know about my mom?" Weller asks.

"That she was part of my mother's terrorist organization? I had no idea that your mother was one of her informants," Jane says emphatically.

But Weller already knows she's telling the truth, putting the pieces of the puzzle together in his head of how Shepherd could have turned his mother to the dark side. When Jane brings up that he has never spoken about his mom, he expresses disinterest in continuing to talk about her, writing her off as an "addict" who "made bad choices." 

"I cut off contact years ago," Weller says. Making matters even more heartbreaking is the fact that he once tried to check her into rehab, only to have her turn down his help. 

So why are Jane and Weller hanging out at a diner? Well, it's not just any old restaurant, it's the one Weller's mother currently waitresses at. Weller catches a glimpse of his mother as she makes her way to another table and he experiences a moment of panic.

"This is a bad idea. We should go," he mutters, hurriedly throwing down a $20 bill on the table. But Jane tries to talk him down by serving him a dose of his own medicine. "If it were me, you would tell me to not run from my problems and that we would get through this together... right?" Jane asks.

And in those few seconds, Weller's mom sees her estranged son from across the way and makes her way over for an overdue Weller family reunion. We're not sure what's going to happen between mother and son, but it's bound to be explosive.

Blindspot airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.


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