Bob Saget's Widow Kelly Rizzo Is Selling Their Home

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Kelly Rizzo is on the move. A source tells ET that the travel blogger "is in the process of selling the home she shared with Bob Saget." The Full House star, with whom Rizzo tied the knot in 2018, died in January at age 65.

"There were so many happy memories they shared together and with his family, but it is too hard for her to be there after his passing," the source says of the house. "Kelly is staying in Los Angeles."

The news comes weeks after Rizzo took to her Instagram Story to thank fans for their support following Saget's death.

"I really just wanted to take a second to say to everybody that it has not gone unnoticed. I have been incredibly grateful and appreciative of all of you for the love and support. I have had people who were strangers that now have become friends on Instagram," she said. "So many people have shared your stories with me of the loss that you've been through. You've poured out your heart. It's just really kind that you've tried to help me by sharing your stories."

The "kindness" people have shown, Rizzo said, "has been a little bright spot, and has made this a bit easier." The thing that has helped the most, though, is "seeing how much you all loved Bob," she said.

"This outpouring is something like I don't think anybody has ever seen. Seeing how much of an impact he had on all of your lives is life-changing and just immeasurable, how much it means to all of us, especially I know how much it would mean to Bob," she said while getting emotional. "He thought he was pretty well liked, I don't think he had any idea it was to this extent, how much of a difference he truly made."

According to Saget's autopsy report, which ET obtained in February, the actor died after suffering multiple skull fractures and abrasions to his scalp stemming from "an unwitnessed fall backwards" and striking "the posterior aspect of his head."

In a March incident report that ET obtained, the medical examiner said that Saget's skull fractures, coupled with the fact that the skin on the back of his head was still intact, led him to believe that the injury "was most likely caused by something hard, covered by something soft." The example the medical examiner gave was falling on a carpeted floor.

While select photos, audio and video from Saget's Ritz-Carlton hotel room have been released, a Florida judge ruled in favor of Saget's family's request to seal sensitive photos taken of the actor after his death.

"The records released tell the entire story -- that is -- Bob passed away after a fall and hitting his head in his hotel room," Brian Bieber, Saget's family's attorney, said in a March statement to ET. "Now that the medical examiner’s and police department’s records have been released after their respective thorough investigations, the Saget family would appreciate privacy to mourn in peace."


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