Bode Miller's Wife Morgan Hopes 'No Other Parent Feels the Pain' of Losing a Child After Toddler's Death

Bode Miller Wife Morgan Beck
Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Morgan Beck Miller hopes no other parent goes through what she and her husband, Bode Miller, experienced last month, when their 19-month-old daughter, Emeline, died after a tragic swimming pool accident.

"It’s been 37 days since I’ve held my baby girl. I pray to God no other parent feels this pain," the beach volleyball player wrote on Instagram on Tuesday, alongside a sweet photo of her late daughter. "My heart is with you @nicolehughes8 as we walk this journey together. And thank you @scarymommy for helping us spread awareness."

"Drowning is the NUMBER ONE cause of death in children ages 1-4. We talk about vaccinations, car seats, organic foods, screen time, etc at length...but not the number one risk your childrens’ lives face...a silent killer," she continued. "It takes SECONDS. Please share and help us spread awareness. It’s the first step to preventing these types of tragedies. #drowning #drowningprevention #truthaboutdrowning."

Morgan and Bode's daughter died on June 10. The Orange County Coroner's confirmed the news to ET, while a spokesperson for Orange County Fire Authority told ET, "Orange County Fire Authority responded to a 911 call for a drowning on Sunday, June 10. Paramedics initiated advanced life support care on the patient on the scene, transported the patient to the emergency room and subsequently the patient was pronounced deceased."

Following the heartbreaking incident, the couple thanked everyone for their support and kind words.

"We want to thank our friends, family and every one of you who sent a message, said a prayer or donated for the overwhelming expression of support - we are truly touched and blessed," the five-time Olympian wrote on Instagram.

For more on the tragic accident, watch below.


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