Brandon Lee Discusses Mom Pamela Anderson's Appearance on 'The Hills: New Beginnings' (Exclusive)

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It turns out, The Hills: New Beginnings will be something of a family affair for newcomer Brandon Lee.

ET spoke with the newfound reality TV star at the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards, which aired Monday, where he hinted that at least one of his famous parents, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and actress Pamela Anderson, will be appearing on the show.

“You’ll have to watch but I think ... my mom makes it into the teaser,” the 23-year-old told ET's Lauren Zima when asked about his parents appearing on the show. “But you just have to wait and see, there’s a lot that went on.”

In a promo, released earlier this month, Lee is shown sitting down with his mother, who tells him that, at his age, it’s time to start thinking about marriage -- leaving him hilariously incredulous.

While on hand at the awards show, he discussed how eager he is for audiences to finally see what they've been working on for so long.

“It feels like we’ve been shooting this for over a year now, so yeah, I mean, I definitely want it to come out as fast as possible …like, 'Oh my god, thank god it’s just out,' you know? I’m just- it’s the first time people are gonna meet me on TV in a big way, so yeah, I’m definitely anticipating what people are gonna say, what people are gonna think. And, of course, the show’s been gone for 10 years, so I think, more than anything, the fans have been waiting for it, so I’d just rather get that to them as fast as possible.”

He also discussed his transition from simply watching the original cast like everyone else, to getting to know them on a much more personal basis and revealed that there’s plenty of tension fans will likely see.

Heidi [Montag] and Spencer [Pratt] were exactly how I thought they would be,” he said. “Stephanie Pratt was exactly how I thought she’d be. I grew up with Brody [Jenner], so Brody has just always been the same way. He’s just a chill guy.”

When asked about Spencer and Stephanie’s relationship, Lee stated: “It’s insane, they can’t even be in the same room together.”  

Previously, Lee explained to ET that timing was everything when it came to signing on for the reality show.

“If MTV would have asked me at any other time in my life, I would have absolutely said, ‘No,’” Lee shared. “I've been sober for a really long time now. But now it feels like the perfect time for me.”

The Hills: New Beginnings premieres June 24 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.


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