'Breaking Bad' Cast Reunites for 10th Anniversary at Comic-Con, But Is a Movie Coming?

Breaking Bad cast Comic-Con 2018
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Bad news, Breaking Bad fans: It doesn’t look like Bryan Cranston or Aaron Paul will be appearing on Better Call Saul this season, nor does it seem like a reboot is in the cards.

Vince Gilligan, the mastermind behind Breaking Bad, broke the Better Call Saul news at the AMC hit’s 10th anniversary reunion of its premiere during Thursday’s Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con. There had been speculation that Cranston’s Walter White or Paul’s Jesse Pinkman could make their way onto the prequel series sooner rather than later, as Better Call Saul is fast approaching the Breaking Bad timeline.

“You will not see Walt or Jesse in season four in Better Call Saul,” Gilligan said during the reunion panel.

“We hate jerking folks around, like, ‘Yeah, we can have it [happen]!’” he further explained, adding that it’s not in his nature to mislead fans of the show or string them along with false teases.

But Gilligan made sure to reiterate that Walt and Jesse will more than likely come into the Better Call Saul universe at some point -- the how, when or why of it being the biggest question. “We would be sorely remiss if we didn’t have these guys on the show before it ended,” he hinted.

Talk of a Breaking Bad revival has permeated the conversation, but Cranston didn’t seem interested in revisiting the world again. The hour-long series ran for 62 episodes over five seasons from 2008 through 2013.

“We’re very proud of our show and Better Call Saul. In some ways, it’s best to leave it alone – that you want to think back on it favorably,” Cranston said. “I don’t want to mess with it. It was the perfect opportunity that changed all of our lives. It changed many lives on our show.”

Later, a fan asked about the potential for a Breaking Bad movie for the big screen. “Anything’s possible,” Gilligan replied. “We live in a world fraught with possibilities -- good and bad.” But Cranston offered a stern, “No.”

Despite his star's refusal, Gilligan appeared open to revisiting other Breaking Bad characters in the future for potential spinoffs -- most notably Paul’s character Jesse (“Not saying there will be!”). “Anything’s possible,” he said.

A true highlight came even before the panel began, when Paul brought his 5-month-old daughter, Story, dressed as a baby Walter White to cheers and "aww's" from the audience. Afterward, Paul quipped, “Is my wife here? She’s supposed to come pick my baby up!"

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