Bret Michaels Reveals He Wants to Reboot 'Rock of Love' With a Twist! (Exclusive)

The rocker and 'Masked Singer' star dished with ET on Thursday after his unmasking.

Bret Michaels just completed his Masked Singer journey when he was unmasked on Wednesday in the Week 12 of the competition. However, it seems like the rocker might not be done with The Banana costume all together.

Michaels joined ET's Deidre Behar and Charlie O'Keefe via video chat on Thursday, and the singer couldn't help but marvel about his involvement with Fox's hit show -- and he shared an idea for a pretty amazing quasi-spin-off.

Michaels is no stranger to reality TV -- he's starred in Rock of Love and competed on The Apprentice all before donning a costume to sing clandestinely -- and this latest experience gave him a new idea that might be the next big TV hit.

"I threw it out there the other day, joking, "I'm thinking Banana of Love. We take Rock of Love to a whole new level!"

The show, which could essentially serve as a cross between Michaels' famed reality dating series and Fox's surreal signing competition, could be "a throwback to old 70's shows like The Dating Game, where they wouldn't know what the other person [looked like]" he explained. 

"So imagine you're in some kind of outfit and then they have to love you for your personality," he added. "Every show says that, but no one really means it. This would actually mean you would have to be loved as a masked human being and they would actually like you as a person. And then you're hoping when the mask comes off the other part of the chemistry works. So, Banana of Love."

While he's happy to pitch the idea, Michaels said he'd have no interest in being a contestant on it.

"I'm a family man,but let's just say i would be a great host," he explained. "I would be great at giving advice that they could either listen to or completely ignore, if they're smart."

As for his time on The Masked Singer, Michaels said it was a great thrill, especially since he'd been a fan before he even signed on.

"I was honored when they asked me to come do it," he shared. "I said, 'If you'll let me pick out a costume, I know what I'd like to do, I am in there and I'll give a thousand percent.'"

On Wednesday's show, before getting unmasked, Michaels performed the Bob Dylan classic "Knockin' On Heaven's Door," which happened to be a surprisingly appropriate song choice considering 10 years earlier to the day, Michaels was undergoing surgery for a brain hemorrhage that almost cost him his life.

"I had zero idea that it would ever line up on the exact same time as a 10 year celebration of life," Michaels said. "I was dealing with the brain bleed and they were doing everything they could to save my life and [then 10 years later] here I am as a human banana, singing 'Knocking on Heaven's Door.'

"To be honest with you, when I reflect on it, it's an amazing, thankful, grateful feeling to be here," he added."

It's a time of reflection in general for Michaels right now as he prepares for the release of his his upcoming book, Bret Michaels: Auto-Scrap-Orgaphy Vol. 1

It's an innovative mix of storytelling, narrative, photos and documents retelling parts of Michaels' life story. The book is is described as a "blend of hardcopy and digital E-book," which Michaels himself reads.

"The reason I did it that way, i wanted to keep it relevant, and what I mean by that is, in the here and now," Michaels explained.

Among the many stories Michaels recounts in his book is a retelling of the time when he and three of his friends were held up at gunpoint as teenagers by a group of guys who wrongly believed they'd robbed their house. His rise to fame, his relationship trials and even his participation in The Masked Singer are all touched on in the new book, which comes out May 12.

Originally, the book would have launched as Michaels would have been gearing up for a concert tour, but with the outbreak of the coronavirus, he's been self-isolating at his home, with his daughters, and trying to stay healthy. But being on lockdown has been tough for the singer mentally and emotionally.

"I'm the kind of guy...I like being on the move. And I tour almost year round. I love it," Michaels shared. "As a musician, it affects your spirit. Because that's what we love to do. We love to go out there and play music, and have a great time with the fans… So without a doubt that is tough."

"But when these guidelines finally come up and this comes to pass and it's the right time,  I can not wait, can not wait, to get back out on the road and play music," he said.

"And I want to say to everyone on the front line -- all of our first responders, the doctors, nurses, the drivers, the restaurant employees, everyone keeping us rocking and stocking up the grocery stores --  [I want them to know] how thankful we are for everything they do," Michaels added.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.