Brett Young and Wife Taylor Welcome Their First Child: Find Out the Baby Girl's Name

brett taylor and wife
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The couple shared their daughter's first portrait three days after she was born.

Welcome to the world, Presley Elizabeth Young!

Country music star Brett Young and his wife, Taylor, welcomed their first child earlier this week. The "Here Tonight" singer shared a sweet family portrait with his little girl on Instagram on Thursday, with a message praising his wife. 

"PRESLEY ELIZABETH YOUNG ? 10.21.19 Taylor, my wife. You are a superhero," he wrote alongside the People magazine image. "Your beauty and strength never cease to amaze me. You brought our beautiful girl into this world with a level of grace and quiet confidence that I never knew existed. I’m so impressed by and proud of you. Thank you for this incredible gift. I could not love you more!" 

He also shared a sweet message to his newborn daughter, writing, "My daughter, Baby P, you’re perfect. I am so head over heels in love with you I can’t even explain it. My world is forever changed because God gave you to me. I’m going to do so many things wrong, but I promise to never stop trying, or learning, or loving you as fiercely as is humanly possible. You are my angel, and I will never take for granted the beautiful gift God has given me in trusting me with you. I will always be your rock and your safe place. I am so proud to be your daddy and I am quite certainly the luckiest boy in the world. (Side note, no boys til you’re 30)."

"How can something so small, make me feel so much!? #presleyelizabeth," Young captioned a new pic of his baby girl on Wednesday. 

In May, ET spoke with Brett and Taylor about their impending bundle of joy and the pair was over the moon. 

"The second that I found out that it was a girl, I think my mind was kind of stuck on thinking of her as being like Taylor," Brett said. "And that's exciting, because she's the woman that I fell in love with and married, so the idea of having a little girl that's part her and part me, that's just like her mom running around, it's almost like I get to have two of them."

As for whether Taylor and baby Presley will be joining dad on tour, the couple hadn't made a decision on that back in May. 

"We're all gonna play a little of that by ear just because, again, we've never been parents," Taylor explained at the time. "So we're gonna see how that goes, but the plan is to do that as much as we can. I think too, especially while she's young 'cause once school starts, I imagine it's more tricky to kind of coordinate all of that, and plus I miss him when I'm not with him, so while we can, I think we're going to do that."

Brett also noted that he "definitely" wants to write a song for his little girl, but added, "The world will never hear it unless it's right, but hopefully we land on the right idea and it might take meeting her for the first time before I know what that song is."

In June, Brett spoke with ET again about his future daughter, saying, "It wasn't, I want a boy or I want a girl, it was just happy and healthy the whole time. Happy wife, happy life and happy healthy baby and so far all that's happened and so I'm on cloud nine right now."

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