Brie Bella Reveals How Close She Is to Pre-Baby Weight 5 Weeks After Giving Birth

Brie Bella at WWE 20th Anniversary Celebration
Jerod Harris/Getty Images

The 'Total Bellas' star is ready to get back into the gym.

Brie Bella is ready to get back into the gym. The Total Bellas star revealed on her Instagram Story on Saturday that while she's near her pre-baby weight, she's been "dying to work out." 

"Today I am five weeks postpartum and I have one more week until hopefully I'm cleared to work out. I've been dying to work out -- it’s been killing me," Brie told her followers. "I am, gosh, about 13 pounds away from my pre-weight with Buddy." 

Brie, who welcomed Buddy with husband Daniel Bryan on Aug. 1, noted that while she doesn't have much weight to lose, there are other challenges getting in the way of her fitness routine. 

"It's hot, right? This heat wave, I'm like, can we pls go away?" she quipped, before asking fans for any "tricks on losing the weight." 

"Someone told me yesterday that I could do 30 minutes of hardcore walking on a treadmill, so I'm gonna try that, but if there's any other stuff, DM me," Brie said. "I'm dying to figure out some good tricks."

"I’m really feeling it," she added. "I want to get in shape and I miss the gym, so let’s do this."


Brie has been open with fans about her pregnancy and life as a new mom. In a recent Instagram post, she opened up about making sure to prioritize self-care after giving birth, and noted that recovery has been "so different" with her second child. Brie and Daniel also share a daughter, Birdie. 

"Let’s be proud of our bodies and be open and honest about the process so future moms can feel more prepared too!" she wrote.

With Brie every step of the way has been her sister, Nikki Bella, who gave birth to her own baby boy, Matteo, on July 31. See more in the video below.