Brie Larson Has the Best Reaction Ever After This Surprise Proposal

The 'Captain Marvel' star was left speechless when a pair of fans got engaged right in front of her over the weekend.

Brie Larson found herself front and center for a wedding proposal over the weekend -- and her reaction was truly a marvel.

The 30-year-old actress attended ACE Comic Con in Chicago, Illinois, on Saturday and during a meet-and-greet, two men got engaged just as they were saying hello to the Oscar winner. Needless to say, Larson's response was adorably photogenic. The Captain Marvel star offered some incredulous expressions as the couple embraced and kissed.

Afterward, someone posted four images from the charming moment, writing: "Brie's reaction to this proposal is the most wholesome thing." In no time, Larson herself retweeted the images and added, "Ya'll I was present for a proposal and I am CHANGED. Much love to the happy couple!!!"

Afterward, John Chambrone, the man who presented an engagement ring to his boyfriend, Richard Owen, in front of Larson at the convention, shared an open letter to the actress on Facebook, explaining why he chose that particular moment to pop the question.

"Ever since I was a kid, Carol Danvers has been my favorite character in the comics," he wrote of Larson's superhero character's alter ego. "From her debut as Ms. Marvel, through her Binary and Warbird years and finally full circle as the mighty Captain Marvel, I have followed her adventures and your portrayal of her was so on point! I met Richard earlier this year and once our eyes locked for the first time, we both knew we found our soulmates." 

"Our first real date was to see 'Captain Marvel' -- it was actually his first MCU film and he instantly became a fan!" he continued. "The movie meant a lot to us and I was so glad that he now shares my passion for the greatest superhero in all the known universes. Thank you again for your incredible performance of my favorite hero. Meeting you today, and being able to profess my love and commitment to my boyfriend in front of you truly meant the world to me, and to us!"

But Larson witnessing the surprise engagement wasn't the only touching moment at the convention. Elsewhere, during another meet-and-greet, fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson proudly posed alongside fans with bisexual pride and lesbian pride flags. 

As fans know, Thompson's character in the MCU, Valkyrie, is openly gay. However, before long, she won't be the only LGBTQ representative in the Marvel films. In August, Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, confirmed that another openly gay character will be introduced in the upcoming ensemble film, The Eternals.

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