Brie Larson, Jordana Brewster & Michelle Rodriguez Are All-In on Female 'Fast & Furious' Spin-Off (Exclusive)

The women of 'Fast & Furious' are ready to hop in the driver's seat.

The women of Fast & Furious are ready to hop in the driver's seat. Fast X stars Brie Larson, Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez told  ET this week they "would love" to do an all-female series spinoff. 

"I don't think we'd be mad about anything that involved ladies all together," Larson told ET's Nischelle Turner at the Fast X premiere in Rome on Friday. 

Rodriguez echoed her co-star's excitement. "There's nobody better," she said. "I'm all about it! Bring it!" 

"Here's what I would like to see," Brewster said. "I would like to see Charlize [Theron], me, Natalie [Emmanuel], Michelle, Brie. I would like to see us all kick some ass together!" 

The team all agreed the spinoff could be great for Hollywood's future. "God knows Hollywood could use one of those," Rodriguez said. "We don't have any good ones, not really, really good ones." 

"It was very clear that we would love to spend more time together," Larson added of her female friends on the Fast X set. 

The women also spoke about their film's female star power at the film's junket on Thursday. "I'm just over the moon, Rodriguez said. "It's just really extraordinary." 

Theron, at the junket, added that Rodriguez -- the original Fast & Furious female star -- "was really the push behind [my casting], and has been for I think all the females that have joined this cast so I'm really grateful to her putting it out there, saying we should do this." 

Fast X, the tenth installment of the Fast & Furious series, premiered in Rome on Friday. Also present at the premiere was Meadow Walker, daughter of the late Paul Walker who starred in the film's first seven films. Meadow now appears via a cameo in the franchise's latest installment, and told ET she'd been "waiting for the right moment" to honor her father in a film. 

"I've always thought about honoring my dad [in a Fast film] just because it's such a big part of his life and my life," Meadow told ET. "I wanted it to be something super small and simple that was almost like an Easter egg. Like, if you didn't know who I was, you wouldn't even notice it. I know that's what my dad would want. My dad was always humble, very simple. I left my little mark and I can always share that with him."

Paul died on Nov. 30, 2013, as a passenger in a single-car crash with friend and driver Roger Rodas in Valencia, California. Meadow was 15 at the time of her father's tragic crash. He was 40. When Meadow married actor Louis Thornton-Allan in October 2021, it was Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel who walked Meadow down the aisle.

It's no surprise, then, why Diesel got emotional and needed a good second to gather himself on what it means to have Meadow officially be part of the Fast family with her cameo.

"Everything, everything," said Diesel when asked what Meadow's cameo does for his heart. "There wasn't a day on set that I don't remind the cast and the crew of the weight, why we need to reach higher, why we need to make this film with integrity. I'm waiting after this premiere to hear Pablo tell me what he always told me after a premiere, which is, 'Is there a better one in the can?' which was always the motivation to get to here, to have Meadow here, to have Meadow do a cameo just to honor her father. It's just another layer, another color to what I can only describe as destiny."

Fast X hits theaters on May 19.