Britney Spears Enjoys Rare Outing With Her Sons

The pop star is mom to Jayden James, 15, and Sean Preston, 16.

Britney Spears is spending quality time with her sons! The 39-year-old singer took to Instagram on Thursday to share a video from a recent outing with Jayden James, 15, and Sean Preston, 16, whom she shares with her ex, Kevin Federline.

The mom of two took her kids to the Van Gogh exhibit in Los Angeles, and the group had a great time marveling at the art, dancing through the rooms, and even hugging each other.

"My children and I went to to the amazing @vangoghla 🎨🖌 👨🏼‍🎨... it was so freaking cool," Spears wrote. "… I obviously don’t get out much so I was pretty excited 🙊!!!"

"I went with the people who would love me anyways no matter how silly I acted when I opened my mouth 😂 😂 😂!!!" she continued. "The end of the video is me and a friend playing and dancing to the music 🎶💃🏼 … don’t worry it was VIP so nobody else was there… we got to really play!!!"

Spears concluded, "Thank you #VanGoghLA for my backpack 🎒 and the cool cupcakes🧁😋!!!"

Last month, Spears reflected on her parenting journey on Instagram, writing of her sons, "So bittersweet to see them get older… why can't they just stay babies forever 🥺???" 

Though the pop star is typically private about her kids, she has shared some updates with her fans. One such post came in September, after her sons celebrated their respective birthdays

"My boys' birthdays were last week… and unfortunately they are growing up and want to do their own things.... I have to ask their permission to post them because they are extremely independent little men," Spears wrote.  "Anyway we had a small party and the coolest ice cream cakes 🍨 🎂 !!! It makes me crazy because they are so tall and geez they are still growing 😳😳😳!!! They went to a dance last week and I cried for two days 😭😭😭 my babies in a suit!!! It’s crazy!!! And girls get ready cause my boys are so handsome."

In March, before Spears spoke in open court regarding her conservatorship case, a source told ET about the singer's relationship with her sons.

 "Britney loves her boys and misses them every day she doesn't see them. The boys try to visit as much as possible to spend time quality together," the source said. "Her kids are what she's most proud of in her life. She wants nothing more than to be with them any time she can."

"The boys adore their mom and want to see her and be there to support her, but they also want to stay out of the limelight," the source added. "It's a bit of a juggling act but it is worth it to spent time with her."