Britney Spears Is 'Very Career Focused,' Feels Empowered by Fiancé Sam Asghari, Source Says

The pop star and Sam Asghari are also 'definitely in wedding planning mode,' a source tells ET.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are hard at work. A source tells ET that the engaged pair is "very career focused right night, especially Sam."

"He's really pursuing all opportunities coming his way and wants to amp up his persona," the source says of the 27-year-old actor. "They are both going so hard right now and putting in a lot of work and effort into all areas of their lives, both personally and professionally."

As for Spears, the source's comments come amid multiple reports that she has signed a $15 million tell-all book deal with Simon & Schuster, following the end of her conservatorship and an ongoing feud with her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears.

Her fiancé's "drive and ambition is empowering Britney to keep moving and pursue her dreams as well," the source says. 

"She doesn't want to have a partner who is just fine being quiet and sitting on the sidelines," the source notes of the 40-year-old singer. "She is equally as motivated and career driven as he is. That's their focus and the path they are on right now."   

However, all of the work hasn't put a pause on wedding planning, according to the source.

"They're definitely in wedding planning mode too and hyper focused on that, but they also are trying to elevate themselves," the source says of the couple, who got engaged in September.

Spears' career has been on her mind for a while, as a source told ET in December that she is planning a massive career comeback in 2022.

"Britney is actively eyeing different brand deals and entertainment opportunities. Several brands have reached out to her with amazing offers and nothing is off the table," the source said. "She's excited to put her businesswoman hat on in the new year and explore different ventures that weren’t available to her in the past."

"Britney is her own decision maker now and she wants to expand her professional horizons," the source added. "She's just waiting for the right time for everything."