Britney Spears Spotted With Boyfriend Sam Asghari Outside of Health Facility as She Remains in Treatment

Britney Spears spent Easter with boyfriend Sam Asghari outside of the health facility she checked herself into earlier this month.

Britney Spears spent Easter with boyfriend Sam Asghari outside of the health facility she checked herself into earlier this month.

The 37-year-old singer was snapped with Asghari leaving the Montage hotel in Beverly Hills, California, on Sunday. Spears wore a floral off-the-shoulder dress and sandals, with her long blonde hair down. Asghari walked in front of her with his arm protectively shielding her, dressed casually in a long-sleeved T-shirt, shorts and sneakers.


A source tells ET that Spears is still in treatment, but is finding it hard to be away from her sons, 13-year-old Sean and 12-year-old Jayden.

"Britney’s career, caring for her children and the weight of her father’s illness, has been far too much for her," the source says. "Despite taking time off from performing she couldn't handle the stress. She needed not only down time, but she decided she needed professional help."

"She wants nothing more than to heal and feel better," the source adds. "She has improved while in the facility, but not going home yet. Those that love and support her say she needs to focus on herself. It hasn’t been easy for her to be away from her children."

Sunday's sighting wasn't the only time Spears has been spotted on an outing outside of treatment. ET previously learned that Spears was able to leave her treatment facility on April 11 to get her hair done at a salon.

Earlier this month, ET learned that Spears checked herself into a health facility to deal with the tremendous stress she's been having over her father, Jamie Spears', current health crisis. A few weeks earlier, she had put her career on an indefinite hiatus, postponing her album and putting her Britney: Domination show at Park Theater at the Park MGM resort in Las Vegas on hold in order to support her father.

"We all need to take time for a little 'me time.' :)" Spears shared on Instagram alongside a message reading, "Fall in Love with taking care of yourself, mind, body, spirit," when news broke that she checked herself into a health facility. Asghari later showed his support for his girlfriend, reposting the message and writing, "It isn’t weakness, It’s a sign of absolute strength, people should only be inspired by this, at least I am ♥️ #stronger."

However, fans have recently shown their concern for Spears with the #FreeBritney hashtag trending on social media, after allegations were made in a "special emergency episode" of the fan podcast Britney's Gram that the singer is being held against her will. Tess Barker and Barbara Gray, comedians and creators of the Britney's Gram podcast, said that they received "an anonymous tip from a credible source" alleging that Spears entered the health facility against her will, and played a voicemail that is allegedly from a paralegal who used to work for an attorney that was involved in Spears' conservatorship.

"Basically, Britney was in rehearsals for Domination. It came to Jamie's attention that Britney was not taking her medication as prescribed," the unidentified person on the tape claimed. "She was missing a lot of doses and just full-on not taking them."

"So they got her to the doctor and the doctor said, 'OK, if you don't want these medications, let's get you on a new one.' She refused to take the new one," the person's claims continued. "Jamie said, 'Either you take this medication or the show's off, and I'm pulling my support and you can't do it.' Britney did not follow Jamie's instructions, so he was true to his word -- he pulled the show, he verbatim said, 'Blame it on my illness.' ... Britney has been in the mental facility since mid-January. There is no timeline, there is no end date particularly in sight for this stay at this mental facility to end. She did not want to go. ... From what I understand, this is not a decision she made, at all."

Spears' mother, Lynne Spears, who divorced from Jamie in 2002, fueled the fire by liking Instagram comments from fans who believe the singer is being held against her will and urging others to listen to the podcast.

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-- Reporting by Adriane Schwartz