A 'Brotherly Love' Revival With Joey, Matthew and Andrew Lawrence Is Happening... Sort Of!

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Be still, our '90s-loving hearts -- Joey, Matthew and Andrew Lawrence are returning to television!

It’s been 20 years since the short-lived sitcom Brotherly Love came to an end. But, in the current era of reboot and revivals, there may be some good news, courtesy of eldest brother Joey.

“We’re actually working on a TV show together for the first time in 15 years,” Joey tells ET. “We wanted to find a way not to redo Brotherly Love, but to bring us back together as grown men.”

While the show won’t revive the exact same characters, the three will be playing brothers once again. According to Joey, filming for the pilot begins in just a few days and will be formatted as a scripted, single-camera, half-hour comedy.

“It's edgy, which is different,” Joey says. “The dynamic and relationships that we have are not the late '90s, sitcom-like relationships.”

Brotherly Love part two isn’t the only stop on the Lawrence Brothers Nostalgia Train (it’s a thing). Joey reveals that the siblings have written and are seeking a home for a movie that would complete the trilogy to the Disney Channel Original Movies, Horse Sense and Jumping Ship.

“It's a great sort of conclusion to that story, and also a passing of the baton to a new group,” Joey reveals. “There's been interest, and it's there, and the script's great. It's just a matter of finding the right moment to do it.”

The Lawrence brothers have also collaborated on music endeavors from time to time. In February 2017, they released their single, "Lose Myself," under the moniker “Still Three,” which Joey describes as an ongoing project that we will see more from down the road.

In the meantime, Joey recently debuted his first Christmas song, “Christmas Time,” an upbeat, catchy earworm that doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

“I've never written an original Christmas song before,” Lawrence says. “So far, the reaction has been eerily positive, which is pretty crazy.”

Accompanying the new single is a full-blown Christmas-themed music video complete with stockings, lights, trees, snow and a puppy!

“It's a campy one!” Joey admits with a laugh, adding, “We just wanted to have fun. That's what we tried to do.”
Joey has been a singer, dancer and an actor since the age of five. ET first got to know him on the set of the popular '80s sitcom, Gimme a Break! Check out the video below to see Joey’s adorable interview from 1987 (plus, his 2017 reaction to the footage)!

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