Bryce Vine's 'La La Land' Music Video: Behind-the-Scenes Secrets (Exclusive)

ET's Katie Krause exclusively sat down with Bryce Vine on the set of his new 'La La Land' music video, out now.

Chances are you've heard Bryce Vine's smash single, "Drew Barrymore." After all, the song has been streamed 248 million times and the music video has amassed over 35 million YouTube views

His new single, "La La Land" (feat. YG), is just as fun -- and is sure to grow his star even bigger. The song impacted radio last month and quickly became the number one most-added song on pop radio

ET was exclusively on set with the singer, where he opened up about the song, the video and his skyrocketing career. 

Check out the video above to watch! 

"Like diamonds to dust," Vine said when asked how his life has changed in the past year. "It's so different. I used to have a lot of time to do things that I wanted to do, and thought that I wanted to do. This is way better now... I mean, I was unsigned when I put out 'Drew Barrymore' on Spotify. Then, I found the right label and the right team and started building. It's crazy how much goes into just getting one song to getting where it ended up getting to. But yeah, my life is... we're on the second video shoot, you know?" 

"La La Land" is similar to "Drew Barrymore" in that Vine has a way of being cheeky with his lyrics and play-on-words -- while still making his songs romantic and insanely catchy. 

"I think 'Drew Barrymore' worked because it's fun to sing and girls want to be that girl you're talking about," he explained. "It's talking about the same thing with ['La La Land']. You know, who doesn't want to be swept off their feet and be taken to California?  It just kind of completes the postcard image of this lifestyle that people are so intrigued by." 

And that's exactly what he wanted the video to feel like, too.

"We basically put L.A. inside of a box, figuratively and literally," he said, adding, "Just like all the classic stereotypes of Hollywood living and culture, we just kind of condensed it into a sound stage."

The song also features YG, who wasn't an easy rapper to book. 

"I was honestly shocked," Vine revealed. "He was my first pick and he's from California. So I was like, 'Dude this could be a hometown hero kinda song,' like the new 'California Love' or something... For months we were trying to get him, I think, and then he finally heard the song and he was like, 'Yeah, I could do this.'"

Vine was extremely involved in the creative process from start to finish. 

"Some would say too much," he said while laughing, as if to convey it's a bit unprecedented to be as involved as much as he is. "I let people like -- I'm aware that I'm not -- that I don't know everything and every detail, but I pay attention to a lot of details. So, I like things to look a certain way and I have, like, an idea of what I want my whole thing to be. So I pick people that understand that and then I let them do their thing." 

That includes the casting of his love interest in the video, Melanie Iglesias. 

"She's the lead and she kind of is the opposite of the Hollywood chick...  which is fantastic! Like, that's what I wanted," he said. "She's worked her way up, she's funny, she' s cute, she's witty. She still gets awkward, like, she's still a real person. You know, she's not just, like, some Instagram model."

With back to back hits under his belt, Vine is now looking toward the future. 

"I wanted to make music videos as a career and have the ideas and work with cool people and directors and be able to shoot with YG and have a tour bus. And now that I have those things, I have to make new goals... but part of it is that I want my music to reach as many people and help as many people as possible," he said. "And, like, be able to take care of the people that I love, man that'd be good. Like, I feel like that's a good enough way to go about things." 

His debut album, Carnival, is set for release this summer.  

When asked if he's coming for a GRAMMY for Best New Artist, Vine's eyes lit up. 

"It would be cool. I don't want to pretend like it wouldn't be cool. If it happened, I would be flipping out, I would lose my cool, they'd have to play me off the stage!"

"But I don't need it if it doesn't happen," he quickly added. 

Watch Bryce Vine's "La La Land" music video below.