BTS Rapper RM Drops a Verse in English on Fall Out Boy Collaboration -- Listen!

L: MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images, R: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

The Korean hip-hop star can lay down savage bars in multiple languages!

RM just delivered an incredible performance -- without even using his native tongue!

The BTS member teamed up with Fall Out Boy for a remix of "Champion," laying down two dope verses in English, with a fiery intensity befitting the song's battle cry-esque progression.

"Yo, should I be a star? Baby, I think I already are," the 23-year-old Korean rapper posits on the track. "Ain't gotta be somebody, be anybody, rather be anybody than live in a dead body."

RM turns it up to 11 in the song's closing verse, a passionate set of bars on living life to the fullest.

"What's wrong with the life of a passenger / If somebody gotta be then I'mma be the messenger," he raps. "I'm just too young don't know what to believe in / But too young, you know, not to be living."

Listen to the song here.

It was a monster year for RM and the boys of BTS, who released their newest album, Love Yourself: Her, and made their mark on America, setting several milestones along the way.

ET talked to the band in November, where RM revealed why he chose to stop going by his previous moniker, Rap Monster.

"[Rap Monster] came from a song that I made from like, 2012, there was some phrase like Rap Monster, and I just, I thought it was so cool," he explained. "But as I grow up, and as I came to America, I think it felt like too much. So I just abbreviated it to RM, and it could symbolize many things. It could have more spectrums to it."

Watch the video below for BTS' biggest moments of the year.