Caitlyn Jenner Says Kim Kardashian Introduced Her to Pete Davidson: She 'Seemed So Happy'

The 72-year-old dished on Kim, Pete and others on the 'Full Send' podcast.

Caitlyn Jenner says Kim Kardashian introduced her to Pete Davidson, and the meeting was a hit -- save for a small blunder!

During a wide-ranging conversation on the Full Send podcast, the 72-year-old TV personality opened up about the relationship she has with her family, Kim’s divorce and budding romance with the Saturday Night Live star and not being part of The Kardashians on Hulu.

First, on meeting the comedian.

“He was over the other day,” Caitlyn says. “I met him for the first time. I was in trouble because I called him Peter and Kimi now starts laughing, ‘It’s not Peter, it’s Pete.’ I said, ‘I don’t know. I’m just trying to be, you know, polite,’ you know?”

Jenner added that Davidson seemed like a very nice guy, but she noticed there’s a sparkle in Kim’s eye when she’s around Davidson and the mere thought of it. In other words, she’s beaming!

“He seems like a very nice guy but the best part was, Kim seemed, honestly, Kim seemed so happy and that’s my number one concern, is her happiness,” Caitlyn added.

Caitlyn sang Kim’s praises while sharing his thoughts on her public and tumultuous divorce from Kanye “Ye” West.

“She is one of the most amazing people out there,” Caitlyn said. “I mean, so different than what people perceive her as. She is one hardworking, smart businesswoman. Obviously, a separation from Kanye has been very difficult over the past year, ok? Don’t need to go into that. It’s been difficult, but in that time period, look what she’d done with her life. She has four kids, ok? She’s a dedicated mother.”

Despite the ongoing divorce, Caitlyn also spoke highly of the rapper.

“I really like Kanye,” she said. “Every time we’ve been together he’s been absolutely great, especially during the transition and this and that. He was absolutely phenomenal. I’m still, today, when I see him, we’re good friends. I just have to be a little careful because you know, he says some things, especially towards the family. Obviously I’m on the family’s side. I wish him nothing but the best. I’d love to see him again.”

When asked who she’s close to and talks to on the daily, Caitlyn brought up Kim’s name again.

“Of course, when you have 10 kids, you have different relationships with all of your children,” Caitlyn said. “Yeah some, obviously Kendall and Kylie, my flesh and blood, I’m very close to them. And the other side, on the Kardashian side, I see them here and there, but I’m not really close. Kim is probably the closest.”

On The Kardashians and not being asked, Caitlyn says she’s fine with it and is happy her kids still get to cash in on the show.

“I’m very happy for my kids that that continues,” she said. “That vehicle has been extraordinarily good for my children.” But, would she want to be on the show?

“Yeah, I mean, I had a wonderful time with my kids,” Caitlyn admits. “It would be great. It’s their show, it’s fine. I’ve got other things I’m doing.”

Caitlyn was also asked to rank Kendall and Kylie’s boyfriends — NBA star Devin Booker and rapper Travis Scott. Who’s No. 1 for Caitlyn?

“You’re getting me in trouble,” quipped Caitlyn before adding, “My opinion on that, honestly, Devin Booker, I have more in common with because of athletics and he seems to be a very nice guy. I haven’t really had heavy conversations with him. I see him here, I see him there.”

“And Travis I don’t have quite as much in common with him,” Caitlyn continued, “but he seems to be good to Kylie, you know, but to be honest with you, I really liked his parents. They’re really nice.”

Caitlyn also shared her thoughts on the Will Smith Oscar’s slap.

“It was just disappointing,” she said. “Everybody lost. He lost everything, and he’s had such a great career. … That never should have happened and it’s unfortunate because he’ll be remembered for that for the rest of his life and he’s done so many, a lot of very good things. … just one moment where he just got, you know, showed very poor judgment.”