Caitlyn Jenner Spends Christmas Recovering from Knee Replacement Surgery

Jenner took to Instagram on Christmas Eve to share the news of her operation.

Ringing in the new year with a new knee! Caitlyn Jenner spent her Christmas recovering from a long-needed knee surgery.

Jenner took to Instagram on Christmas Eve to share a video from the hospital -- which was apparently shot several days earlier -- in which she let her followers know about the procedure.

"Guess what I'm doing today! I'm getting my knee replaced," Jenner said, as she held the camera and showed her knee, which had the word "Yes" written on in by a doctor as part of the pre-op procedure. "I've been putting this off for 25 years and I'm finally going to do it today!"

Jenner further clarified in the caption, "Merry Christmas! This year I got a new knee. 11 days ago I had knee replacement surgery. I’ll keep you posted on my progress! Stay tuned. Enjoy your Christmas! Stay healthy and happy 😊 🎄"

On Christmas Day, Jenner shared a video from her feast the night before, which she enjoyed with Sophia Hutchins.

"Quiet Christmas Eve at home with Sophia healing from knee surgery! Gorgeous dinner and platters tonight!," Jenner captioned the post, which showed off the impressive spread, including dinner, sides, and a huge pie.

Hutchins shared a video of the spread as well, along with some gleeful holiday sentiments.

"Gorgeous Christmas Eve. Simple. Quiet. Memories I will always cherish!" she wrote. "Wishing the best to you and your loved ones!"