Caitlyn Jenner Speaks Out About 'The Kardashians' After Not Being Included in New Show

The 72-year-old former Olympian appeared on 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' from the show's beginning.

Caitlyn Jenner has no hard feelings about not being included in the Kardashian-Jenner family's new Hulu reality series, The Kardashians

Caitlyn's ex-wife, Kris Jenner, and three of her daughters -- Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian -- spoke about the series in a new profile for Variety. The piece notes that Caitlyn will not be featured in the new show, despite appearing in the majority of the family's first series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. 

On Thursday, the 72-year-old former Olympian retweeted Variety's story, writing, "I was there when this started from day one. I watched it grow. And doing the show for almost 20 seasons was one of the highlights of my life. To be able to work with my family for all those years, connect with the fans, it was incredible. Happy that it continues for my family."

Caitlyn appeared on KUWTK from 2007 to 2021 and also starred in I Am Cait, which ran for two seasons and highlighting her gender transition. 

Though Caitlyn has been estranged from several members of the Kardashian family in recent years, she seemingly mended fences with her ex-wife, Kris, in an April 2021 episode of KUWTK. In the E! series, Kris is seen giving Caitlyn advice on starting her own YouTube channel. 

"I'm just proud of my mom for reaching this place of growth where she can be super cordial with Caitlyn," Kim says in the episode. "Maybe if it's just baby steps, she doesn't have to put the whole thing aside, but she's able to communicate and start that little relationship-building."

In March 2021, Caitlyn opened up to ET's Nischelle Turner about the end of KUWTK

"Over 10 years I did the show. I really enjoyed doing the show. It really brought my family close together," she shared. "We've been through a lot together. I think I have some of the best conversations with my kids on camera. It was a great experience."

The Kardashians premieres April 14 on Hulu.