Camila Cabello Teases There Will Be 'Surprises' During Her GRAMMYs Performance

Camila Cabello performing at Orpheum Theatre in LA
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'I do have a lot of tea for you guys,' she said during an intimate chat ahead of her concert in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Camila Cabello promises there will be plenty of "surprises" when she hits the GRAMMYs stage on Sunday!

ET was invited to an intimate chat and private concert with the 21-year-old singer, presented by Mastercard, at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday, where she teased what to expect from her highly anticipated performance and appearance at the awards show.

"Well, there's definitely some surprises that are going to happen," said Cabello, who is set to open the show with J. Balvin, Ricky Martin, Arturo Sandoval and Young Thug. "But the priceless moment I'm looking for, I really just want to enjoy it. That is my resolution for this year."

"If something's really important to you and you really, really care about it, don't forget to just soak it in," she advised. "Because sometimes you can keep working for something and you do it, you do it right, but it doesn't mean that you necessarily super let yourself go and let yourself enjoy it. So, that's what I really want... to enjoy it and have it be a celebration of my first album and 'Havana' and everything that song has done in my life."

Performing at the GRAMMYs has always been a dream for Cabello, who shared a story about how her passion for music came to be.

"My grandma, my dad, I always grew up with them singing around the house. I think that played a factor and ever since I was little, that was always my passion point for meeting and making new friends," said Cabello, who is nominated for two awards, Best Pop Solo Performance ("Havana") and Best Pop Solo Album (Camila). "When I moved to the United States when I was six years old, I remember we had moved into this apartment building and I didn't speak any English."

"We had just gotten cable TV and I remember The Cheetah Girls movie had just come out," she recalled. "I had this Cheetah Girls CD and I would play it in my boombox outside. I remember meeting my first best friend in the United States. She was like, ‘Oh my god, I love the Cheetah Girls’ and then we formed a little girl group. So, that’s always been, especially when I was younger, my way of connecting with people... through music that I loved and music that makes me feel something."

Cabello also confirmed she's "in the middle of writing" her second album, following the success of 2018's Camila.

"I look at making music like when there's a fruit bowl, and people are painting it, trying to draw it exactly like it looks," she said. "To me, music is kind of the same way. It's like, you have a memory and your job is to paint that memory, but onto music."

"Lately, a common message in the music I'm writing now is kind of emotional intensity," she continued. "And just not being afraid to really be passionate about life, about someone. I think, probably the main common message in my music is, it's important to be vulnerable and to just be as me as possible in my music."

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Shortly after the Q&A ended, Cabello changed into a sparkly jumpsuit, bedazzled blazer and high-heeled booties to perform approximately 15 songs for the crowd. 

The Cuban native certainly didn't hold back, belting out songs like "Bad Things," "Never Be the Same" and "Consequences," and slaying the stage with her talented backup dancers.

"I do have a lot of tea for you guys," she shared with the audience. "But obviously, you’ll see that the tea I’m referring to is this Sunday [at the GRAMMYs] and on the next album."

During one point in the show, she also paid tribute to Black Lives Matter and the March for Our Lives campaign for gun control. As she sang "Something's Gotta Give," a video montage appeared on the screen behind her, showing images of Martin Luther King Jr., Parkland shooting survivor Emma González, migrants coming toward the U.S. border and more.

"I see more and more of you choosing love over fear, and that is what this song is all about," she said to the crowd.

Cabello then brought the energy back up to close out the show with her hit, "Havana," which featured the pop star dancing around the stage and even showing off some spicy salsa moves:

If this is any indication of her upcoming performance on Sunday, we have no doubt she's going to rock it!

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