Camila Morrone on How Growing Up in Hollywood Prepared Her for First Leading Role (Exclusive)

Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend also discusses tackling her character in 'Mickey and the Bear.'

Camila Morrone is ready for her close-up!

On Tuesday, ET chatted with the 22-year-old actress at the premiere of her new film, Mickey and the Bear, where she discussed how growing up in Hollywood helped her prepare for her first-ever leading role.

"I was fortunate in the sense that I grew up in Hollywood, so I feel like I saw a lot of that and I was exposed to that at a very young age," Morrone, whose mother dated Al Pacino for a number of years and has herself been romantically linked to Leonardo DiCaprio since 2017, shared. "But, I didn't feel overwhelmed when I got into this industry because my parents were actors …so I was very exposed to it. More so than if I had come from a different country or small town. So I feel that I got a little bit of an extra foot in the door because I knew what I was getting myself into."

Morrone also discussed the buzz surrounding her performance in the movie, making it clear that accolades and praise aren't her priority.

"It has not changed me in any way, shape, or form," she said. "I don't know, it doesn't feel real. It means nothing 'cause the work is more important …now it's a matter of, like, doing good work and consistently doing more good work."

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"It was a very fortunate situation with Mickey and the Bear and working with people that I love and a director [Annabelle Attanasio] that I love and I'm sure it won't always be that easy," she continued.

In the film, Morrone plays Mickey, a teen in rural Montana who's forced to take care of her father, Hank (James Badge Dale), a volatile veteran. While speaking with ET, Morrone discussed how the concept of family is explored in the movie.

"My own family is everything, they're only not here 'cause they live in L.A. but if not, they would be here," she stated. "My dad was crying when he saw the film and my mom's seen it, like, six-plus times now, so yeah, it's everything to me. And I think that's ultimately what is the whole theme in this movie and what drives Mickey to her ultimate decision. And it's a difficult thing to tell about families because there's so many complexities and dynamics and good things and bad things."

"It's felt like such a long road," Morrone continued. "It finally comes out tomorrow, which is nerve-wracking and scary and also exciting because now the world gets to see it."  

Mickey and the Bear arrives in theaters Wednesday, Nov. 13.


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