Camille Grammer Defends Denise Richards After Lisa Rinna's Comments Regarding Her Emergency Surgery

Denise Richards
Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagi

Richards revealed that she had four hernias.

Camille Grammer is standing up for Denise Richards!

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Richards reposted a pic that her husband, Aaron Phypers, initially shared. The post features both a smiling, black-and-white shot of Richards, as well as a pic of her bare and bruised stomach, which was taken after she had a procedure to treat four hernias.

"To the most incredible woman my soulmate. I am always in awe of your Beauty perseverance, dedication in all you do," Phypers wrote in his post. "These photos taken a couple of months ago from an emergency procedure femoral hernia not one but four! 6 hours waiting close by. Love you baby everyday getting stronger!"

In the caption of Richards' post, she thanked Phypers for "taking such great care" of her, before further detailing her health scare.

"This was a couple months ago & turned out to be a good lesson for me to always listen to my body. Being a mom, wife, & having a career sometimes it’s easier to just be strong and power through, I thought the pain & my other symptoms would just go away," she wrote. "They did not and got a lot worse."

"I’m so grateful to @herniadoc & her fabulous team. I thought I had one femoral hernia, I actually had 2 femoral & 2 inguinal," she continued. "And I waited way too long & didn’t even tell my husband how bad I was feeling (I know it was stupid) ... gotta always listen to our bodies & take care of ourselves."


Richards' Real Housewives family quickly commented on the post, with Grammer sharing the prayer hands and heart emojis and Tamra Judge writing, "You're lucky my abdominal wall burst and was in icu for 5 days. Worst pain my life. Feel better"

It was Lisa Rinna's comment that had people raising their eyebrows, though.

"Is everything ok? Is everyone ok?" Rinna wrote in one comment, before adding a second message. "Denise are you ok? You never showed up to Dorit [Kemsley]'s Sat night we were all so worried about you. What happened?! You said you were coming, you were meeting Garcelle [Beauvais], We never heard from you. What happened?"


Grammer took issue with Rinna's message, taking to Twitter to write, "Denise did not quit #rhobh and Rinna you throw your friend under a bus. How about calling her to see how she’s Doing and stop tweeting about it."

Grammer's defense of Richards is somewhat surprising, as the two butted heads a bit on the latest season of the Bravo reality series. When ET spoke with Richards in August, though, she said that she and Grammer are "good."

"I like to resolve things, and I think there would have to be a little conversation to take place with that, but I don't like to hold a grudge," she said. "I think it's very toxic and I don't like the negativity."

Watch the video for more of ET's sit-down with the reality star.