Cardi B Learns How to Survive in the Wild -- and Even Purify Water by Using a Sock

Cardi B
Cardi Tries / Messenger

The rapper's episode in the woods dropped Friday in honor of Earth Day.

Cardi B took a shot at being a survivalist for a day and -- knock on wood -- an apocalypse better not descend any time soon because this was no walk in the park, okurrr!

In her latest installment of Cardi Tries for her show on Facebook Messenger, the "I Like It" rapper and comedian, Affion Crockett, test their survival skills on a campsite in Thousand Oaks, California. Crockett asks Cardi why in the world she dragged him on this journey, and she responds, "People always ask me, 'If you were stranded somewhere with somebody who would it be?' And I always tell them, 'I rather be with somebody that’s gonna make me laugh because if we’re going to die, we’re going to die laughing.'" Noted!

The duo are joined by survivalist and author Donny Dust, who does his best to impart wisdom -- from helping them find shelter and drinkable water to how best to confront a predator.

The hilarious episode, which dropped Friday in honor of Earth Day, documented Cardi and Crockett's attempt at setting up a tent, purifying water with a sock and starting a fire with a "high-tech tool."

In one of the first scenes, Dust introduces them to a "Sasquatch sleeping bag" -- or, a pile of leaves. Dust tells Cardi to bury herself in the pile while explaining to her that the leaves are trapping the heat from her body, in essence creating nature's version of a heating blanket.

Dust also underscores the importance of staying hydrated, so he teaches them how to use a sock to purify dirty water, prompting Crockett to say, "There's frog booty in the water that he's trying to get us to drink!" Cardi, at first, refused to drink the water but ultimately summoned the courage, only to spit the water out after one sip.

Cardi and Crockett are also handed a ferro rod to start a fire, but the rapper struggles to create the sparks. Dust encourages her with a little motivational speech. "Fire is my life. Fire is my life. Fire is my life," the rapper repeats after Dust before she bursts into laughter and quips, "I'm gonna die. B**ch, I'm gonna die!"

The entire 17-minute episode provides tons of funny moments, like when Cardi shouts "Nah, ah ah" when Dust tries to get her to drink the purified water. But some of Cardi's other best moments included when she responded with "Nothing is more annoying than an itchy ass" during one of the tutorials, and the look on her face after a predator shows up on cue!

In the end, Cardi and Crockett survive and are rewarded with a little glamping experience and a picturesque view of the mountains.