Cardi B Wants to Start a GoFundMe to Free 'Tiger King' Star Joe Exotic From Prison

The rapper shared her obsession with the Netflix docuseries on Twitter.

Cardi B wants to free Joe Exotic! The 27-year-old rapper took to Twitter over the weekend to express her love for everyone's latest Netflix obsession, Tiger King

Granted, she had a slow start to the series, which follows big cat breeders and trainers across the country. Last week, the "I Like It" emcee tweeted, "What ya think bout TigerKing? I’m on the second episode and I’m a little lost cause I started f**king." 

She later asked her fans to weigh in on a moral dilemma, asking, "Who you think is more wrong ? Narcissist joe ? Or Greedy Carol ? And why ?" referencing Joe Exotic and wildlife conservationist Carole Baskin. 

But ultimately she seemed to side with Joe. 

"They did Joe so dirty over and over again," she tweeted, later adding, "Bout to start a gofundme account for Joe. He shall be free."

She also retweeted a fan photo of her face on Joe's mugshot. 

When one fan implied that Cardi was late to the Tiger King fandom, she replied, "I Stan him... Leave me alone."

Joe Exotic is the stage name for Joseph Maldonado-Passage, who is currently serving 22 years in federal prison after being convicted for allegedly attempting to hire someone to murder Carole Basking, who runs Big Cat Rescue. 

Cardi isn't the only one who wants Joe to go free. There's also a petition with more than 18,000 signatures calling for President Donald Trump to pardon Joe. 

Earlier this month, Joe filed a $94 million lawsuit against the government and his former business partner from prison. 

According to the legal docs obtained by ET, Joe is suing the U.S. Department of Interior and the U.S. Federal Wildlife Service, the latter of which initially launched the investigation that led to his trial, for $78,840,000 for loss of personal property and nearly two decades of “research and care of 200 generic tigers and cross-breeds for 365 days a year.”

For more on the lawsuit, watch the clip below: