Carrie Underwood’s Husband Mike Fisher Surprises Her With Hilarious 'Before She Cheats' Spoof (Exclusive)

Despite not being into hunting, Fisher said he believes Underwood will "have a laugh" with the video.

Carrie Underwood is in for a surprise!

The singer’s ice hockey star husband, Mike Fisher, showed off his vocal abilities in a hilarious spoof video of her hit song, “Before He Cheats,” then teamed up with ET to reveal the clip on Monday.

Titled “Before She Bleats,” the song centers around hunting, an ode to the hunting-themed apparel brand, Catchin' Deers, which Fisher founded with his pal, Austin Casselman. The two sat down to fill ET in on the project via satellite.

“I think most people know she's not a hunting fan, so I think she wanted to be able to plead the fifth and then be surprised,” Fisher said. “We just wanted to have fun with it [and] obviously showcase my vocal talent."

Standing in a field in a red plaid shirt, Fisher replaces Underwood’s lyrics with lines like, “Right now he's probably out grazing with a corn-fed doe and it’s probably getting frisky.”

Instead of, “Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats,” Fisher croons, “Maybe next time she'll think before she bleats.”

“A doe will make a bleating sound in mating season ... it's called a bleat,” Fisher explained to ET.

So, did Underwood, 35, hand over copyright for the song?

“Carrie didn't write the song -- we didn't have to go through her, thank goodness,” Fisher, 38, said. “She might not have approved it.”

As for how she’ll react, Fisher cheekily added that it’s, “better to ask for forgiveness than permission,” adding that the songstress has a great sense of humor and will likely “have a laugh with it.”

“I think that she’ll think he’s a pretty good singer,” added Casselman.

The hunting theme of the video highlights the differences between the pair, with Underwood a vegan who loves animals, while Fisher loves to hunt.

“Opposites attract,” Fisher said. “My wife is the best. She puts up with my hunting and she loves me.”

The cute couple has been married for eight years and is now preparing to welcome their second child, with Underwood also getting ready to get back on the road for her upcoming Cry Tour Pretty 360 tour.

“She's doing great,” Fisher said. “We just moved. So, we've been packing and getting settled in our new house.”

Check out the full video at Fisher and Casselman's website,

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