Cassie Randolph's Temporary Restraining Order Against Colton Underwood Gets Extended

The 'Bachelor' alum was granted a temporary domestic violence prevention restraining order against her ex last month.

Cassie Randolph's temporary restraining order against Colton Underwood has been extended. During a hearing on Tuesday, Underwood's attorney requested that the temporary restraining order be extended until the next hearing, which is scheduled for Nov. 6, a request that the judge granted.

In the meantime, lawyers for both Randolph and Underwood said that the former couple is trying to work out their problems amicably and will contact the court if they're able to do so before the scheduled court date.

Randolph recently filed a police report in connection to Underwood allegedly placing a tracker on her car. TMZ was the first to report that the former Bachelor star has followed up on her restraining order claims. ET has reached out to Randolph and Underwood's attorneys for comment.  

On Tuesday, TMZ released a statement from Randolph's attorney, Bryan Freedman, regarding the former reality star going to the police. "It was her intention to first, try and work through this process privately in a manner that gives both her and Colton safety, security and respect. We are confident this is possible."

Randolph was first granted a temporary domestic violence prevention restraining order against Underwood last month. A source close to the situation tells ET that Randolph and Underwood were ready to settle things privately, but Randolph has been indecisive in the legal process. The source says both parties are speaking through their lawyers.

“It’s all a little confusing because Colton actually apologized to her before things were even made public,” the source says. 

Randolph's restraining order came four months after her and Underwood's split in May. They had been together for a year and a half. 

A source previously told ET that following their breakup, Randolph began to receive strange texts from an unknown number, and allegedly found a "tracking device" on her car. According to the source, Randolph confronted Underwood and he admitted to "everything."

Underwood allegedly then "went to Colorado to take some time to regroup," the source said, and when Randolph heard he was coming back to Los Angeles, she filed the request for the restraining order.

"Of course she’s been upset by the situation," the source said. "It’s serious. But she is focusing on herself and her schoolwork and trying to move forward."

Reporting by Brianna Campbell.